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Betting on the NBA

For those ready to bet for real money on a sports betting site the following instructions should be a helpful guide to getting started. The first step of the process is to click on the sign-up link in the sports book review of your choosing. For this example will be used. Clicking on “Signup here” will bring you to the front page and will make you eligible to receive their 10% sign-up cash bonus.

The first step once reaching is to create an account. New bettors will be asked to enter some personal information including their name, address, phone number, and birth date. will not use this information for anything other than contact information and banking purposes. New members will also have to choose a username, password, and account email.

Once registration is completed players will be brought to the “cashier” screen which will guide new members through the necessary steps to put real money on the site. The most common deposit method is a Credit Card which can be selected by clicking on the circle next to “Credit Card” and clicking “Choose Payment Type”

From there the Credit Card Deposit screen will appear asking new members to enter their Credit Card information including credit card type, account number, CVV2 number, expiration date, and Promotional Code. If a bettor went through the RaptorForum links the promotion code will already be entered. However, if for some reason it is not make sure to type “WIN100” into the corresponding box. Once all information has been entered clicking “deposit money” will process your transaction which takes only moments to complete.

After clicking “deposit money” a screen will appear processing your purchase. Once again, this process should only take a few moments. If there are any prolonged pauses or stoppages players should contact’s live support.

Players can then view their “Purchase History” which will show whether or not a transaction has been approved or declined. If your purchased was approved the funds will about in your account under “Available for withdrawal”. Players can also view their Bonus Details from the same screen.

The bonus detail screen will show a player how much cash bonus they have and the release rules. It is important to note that all sportsbetting sites require players to “roll-over” their bonus AND deposit money before attempting to withdrawal any of the bonus funds. This is why in the pictures only $100 is available for withdrawal and not $110.

From there players are able to start betting immediately. Betting on is quite easy. After finding your sport of choice the “lines” will appear for all games. For this example we will use Game 1 of the 2009 NBA Playoffs. The picture below is an example of how to place bets on First a player must pick a side, in the picture both Jazz(Utah) +11.5 and 76ers(Philadelphia) +9.5 have been selected. On the top of the screen is the bet amount, in this example, $5.00. Selecting both picks makes betting faster for those wanting to bet the same amount on multiple games. Once all games are selected the next step is to click on “PLACE BET” at the top of the screen.

From there a confirmation screen will appear on the left side of the sportsbook, giving players one last chance to review their bets and submit them. Once the confirmation box is checked and “SUBMIT” is clicked, all bets are final.

The final screen will show a “Successful Wager” check-mark signifying that the bets went through and are now final.

These two bets were placed for a few different reasons. For one, playoff basketball games tend to be closer than regular season games. Also, a lot of the times road teams that are expected to be blown-out are able to close the gap late in games once the starters have been pulled. Because of this I decided to bet on road underdogs with huge spreads, 9.5 and 11.5 points respectively. In one case, this worked out perfectly as the 76ers were down 18 at one point and came all the way back to win the game! The other game also worked out but not enough, as the Jazz were down by 23 and closed to gap to 13, meaning the second bet was a loss.

To view how these wagers went go to your account and click on “My Activities”. From there select one of the four options, most notably “Processed Wagers Only” and select a date range.

Once the report pulls up your previous wagers you can view whether you won or lost and the amount of money wagered/won.

Betting on is quite simple, the site provides an easy step-by-step process and has live support in case a bettor runs into any trouble. Remember to click on the sign-up link in the Sportsbook review to gain your initial deposit bonus!!

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