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The game of poker took of in 2003, but the history of poker can be traced back many years. Before 2003, only an elite group of players could be considered professional poker players. Texas Hold 'Em, also knows as the Cadillac of Poker, made its way to Sin City in 1967. It didn't take long for Texas Hold 'Em to draw the attention of poker professionals and casual gamblers alike. Seasoned veterans discussed basic poker strategy amongst each other but never with outsiders. Then, Doyle Brunson stunned the community by releasing the poker bible, Super System. Following its release, other poker books continued to be written. The primary means for enthusiasts to digest poker knowledge was through poker articles.

The internet was a springboard for virtual poker. Online poker started in 1998 but was not popular until Chris Moneymaker's 2003 World Series of Poker victory. Moneymaker qualified for the main event via a $39 satellite tournament at Those who watched the 2003 WSOP began to hope and dream that one day they may also win millions of dollars by playing Texas Hold 'Em. With advertisements on television promoting online poker rooms, players created poker accounts, deposited with their credit card, and began the poker boom.

For a couple years after the 2003 WSOP, the games were great for skilled players. There were only so many winning players while others lit money on fire due to their poor play. Frustrated hobbyists purchased poker books and utilized the knowledge in them to crush their opponents. Others sought out fellow poker players to discuss strategy with. Poker forums, like FlopTurnRiver, were formed as a place to review hands, strategies, and hold poker discussion. As the years passed, more beginners sought advice on poker forums.

As the prices on computers and broadband internet fell, people created new mediums to broadcast poker theory. Soon, poker videos were taking the internet by storm. Poker videos are a brand new teaching tool to train beginning poker players. In general, poker videos are narrated by a player who is not only a great player, but a great teacher within the poker community. There are different types of poker videos. A lecture can be created via video as a PowerPoint presentation while the video's author narrates the slides. Session sweat poker videos are also available for a more practical approach to learning. In session sweats, a player records actual hands he or she plays. While the video is being recorded and the action is fierce, the expert states the reasons behind his decisions. One more sweat session is a talented player commenting on a session recorded by a weaker player. This analysis forces players to see mistakes that they made. Lastly, in hand history review videos, a poker phenom may review their hands or the hands of others and reveal their reasoning.

Right now, watching poker videos is the best way to step up your game. Loading a poker video is more stimulating than trying to read a lame poker book since it replicates a dynamic environment not found on the stale pages of a book. Besides, new poker videos are added to the internet everyday. Players can learn the latest poker strategies simply by loading up recent videos. A book is not dynamic, it can't stay up to date. Lastly, poker videos are made on different disciplines of the game that poker books cannot compete with. With the games getting tougher and tougher, thousands of poker videos are available to the new players. There are hundreds of instructors which means thought-provoking angles on why a particular move was made. After watching these videos, a player will develop a true understanding of poker fundamentals and win more money.

With the dawn of new ways to learn poker, the best place to start one's poker learnings is a poker forum like There are winning professionals that are happy to aid new players with poker basics and more specific strategy. To illustrate, nutsinho is a notable contributor to FlopTurnRiver's 6-max forum and is up over $1 million at Pokerstars. In addition to great posters, there a variety of free poker videos available at FlopTurnRiver. They cover subjects from cash games to MTTs and from full ring to 6-max. Watching them will improve one's poker game quickly. Additionally, if there are any questions about hands played on the poker video, a friendly poker forum that will answer these questions is just a few clicks away.

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