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  1. Jakkal
    04-22-2010 12:28 PM - permalink
    I've thought about it and the team needs a lot of changes to the starting 5.

    Need a better PG, SG, SF and C. So ya even Bargs has to go. I like his offence but they need a regular defensive center that can rebound. Besides they need to give up quality to get upgrades in other positions.

    Turk and Jose have to go. DD at SG is ok but needs upgrading if possible. If they can keep Bosh then that's set. I wouldn't mind seeing Bargs at PF but he needs to get a lot meaner and not play center.
  2. Jakkal
    03-30-2010 12:23 PM - permalink
    omg your looking forward to the jays opener? Well I guess that'll be their one chance to be over .500 this season.

    What's your opinion on the Raptors. I think they are pretty much a bust for the next 4 seasons because they have to burn through all those long expensive contracts.
  3. Vito From Hamilton
    03-11-2010 11:11 AM - permalink
    Vito From Hamilton
    Did you delete my thread?
  4. Liam
    02-28-2010 12:57 PM - permalink
    hey man, can you change my name back to Liam, asap, please get back to me about this, thanks man
  5. carlitoB
    02-03-2010 06:39 PM - permalink
    hello! how can i change my name?
  6. zachus
    12-08-2009 11:55 AM - permalink
    back when chuck was here he was asked who he felt was the best player he had ever seen play, and he answered bill walton. my dad tends to agree.
  7. jeffb
    11-09-2009 02:49 PM - permalink
    Oh, sorry i couldn't see it. I thought you had. My bad.
  8. jeffb
    11-09-2009 02:42 PM - permalink
    Hey, just wondering why you took down that thread "Jarrett Jack hurting the Raptors". It wasn't a Carefoot article. It was a Carlos Chaloub article. Or is it anything from Raptorsblog that we can't post. If that's the case, sorry about that.
  9. rapsdabest
    09-03-2009 02:59 PM - permalink
    Random question, theoretically, what does one have to do to get banned?
  10. Jakkal
    08-15-2009 11:53 PM - permalink
    I hope DD will be good enough to start. The important thing is they have options. If Roko is better he could back up Jose allowing Jack to start at SG. Not saying Roko's ready for that but he does appear to have improved his shot at least and I think they have to get him some playing time so they can see what he's got. Wish they hadn't payed so much for James. Makes him harder to trade. Kinda makes you wonder what the future will bring. We could see Jack or Roko as starting SG with DD as starting SF and Turk or Bosh gone. That's long term though.

    I agree we don't have to be strong 1-5 but 2 is our weak spot as of right now. DD may change our minds about that. The bigest problem is D. 1 and 3-5 aren't good at it so 2 almost has to be. Still wish we kept Marion. Having a 2-3 pair that were decent defensively would be worth way more then the 5-10 points Turks gonna add a night. Not even sure Turk adds any points anyway since a decent D allows them to get more fast break points.

    I think Turks gonna help offensively but teams only have so many shots a night to spread around. Marion didn't need many shots since most of his points are off offensive rebounds. Age is a consideration but Marion still had his quick jump so he was still ok for a while. Just wish he hadn't gone for the big payoff but I think BC may have started to low thinking Marion would sign anything. I always figured he should offer 9. Any less would be disrespectful.

    Not sure were good enough to crack top 3. Probably 4-6 but could be worse if the players fight over playing time or shots. To make top 3 I think we need at least 1 "A" quality player. Bosh and Turk are "B" types. Calderon is ok but we could improve there. DD and Bargs are unknowns. I guess either could be a potential "A" or "B" type.

    At least they have size as the biggest 3-5 which should help defensively. Bench should be a ton better too. Having Turk will help that since he can stay out scoring while Bargs and Bosh rest.

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