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iRaptor 03-26-2009 08:14 PM

Raptorize John
K i dunno if you guys watch the show hoops on the fan 590 alot, but i always do. And this character Raptorize John, he is getting quite annoying and I wonder if im the only person that thinks that? I mean tell me what guys is smoking cause he just talks dudooo shit.

fancylad 03-26-2009 08:51 PM

I used to hear him a lot when he would call into the FAN590. I guess he doesn't do it that much anymore. He seemed like a good guy from what i heard him say in the past. Also i would find myself agreeing with a lot of what he said.

I really haven't heard him in the past year or so though...

Raptorman 03-26-2009 11:10 PM

He started to call a lot just to call and not really have anything to add. Sometimes he had good comments.

Sick, Wicked and Nasty! 03-27-2009 09:05 AM

I know i say this a lot, but who cares and why are we talking about it in the raptors forum?? Some guy in toronto calling into a radio show is not relevant to the raptors forum... lounge material at best if anyone really cares. :sigh:

fancylad 03-27-2009 09:07 AM

fair enough SWAN.


bjjs 03-27-2009 09:10 AM

How is raptorize john, not raptors related??

Seriously.. where do you draw the line, does everything have to be directly about a current Raptor. It's just a silly forum, does the line have to be drawn so close. Can't we make it a bit broader. Is it really that much of a hastle for SWAN to read the title of the thread and ignore it??

The original poster felt it was relevant, what's the harm in leaving it there.

'trane 03-27-2009 09:24 AM

by the same token bjjs, what difference dos it make if it's moved? it's not like you won't be able to find it.

fancylad 03-27-2009 09:26 AM

now now.... this isn't really a big deal is it?

Superjudge 03-27-2009 09:30 AM


its sunny outside boys, you're like my crazy Jack Russells.

Go on out and have some fun!


Claudius 03-27-2009 09:41 AM

What if you're trapped at work SJ? Any solutions? Really, I could use some right now.

bjjs 03-27-2009 09:45 AM

It doesn't really make a difference to me. But think about how quickly this thread could of turned into something raptor-relevant, considering that whoever this dude is he does talk about the raptors.

"DId you hear when Raptorize John said CB4 and andrea Bargnani blablablabla...."

"I agree, Bosh blalblalblalaba"

"Fuck that, blablabla bargnani, blablabla."

I'm just saying, anybody who is a blogger,writer,etc is deemed raptor relevant, and if bloggers are, how is this guy any different.

Not that I really care. Trane is right. It's just that I happened to be here when it happened, and figured I would let my opinion be known, since that's what I come on here do :)


If it was my thread, and it got moved simply because Swan said so, I might be a little offended and ticked.

fancylad 03-27-2009 09:50 AM

My appologies to iRaptor. I meant no harm in moving the thread.

In retrospect i should have left it as was, but i don't think it's a big deal to move it back.

If anyone has any raptorize John comments, feel free to add them.

DVS 03-27-2009 10:37 AM

Personally I perfect the Old Man Taxi Driver. He always gives stats from the 30s while busting his ass trying to pick up a fair LOL

I'm a fan590 nut its always on while I'm in the office and when I'm not in the office I'm usually in my car so there you go

jeffb 12-12-2011 10:41 AM


This guy was just on the Fan and sounded high as a kite. :)

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