P90X Program
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Default P90X Program

Hey guys

I'm off school in a week and need to get back in shape in a big way. My buddy lent me his copy of P90X and I'm pretty set on doing the program. I've heard it's extremely intense and requires a huge commitment which makes me even more pumped about getting started. I have done high-intensity workout programs before so I'm not worried about not finishing or giving up or anything like that. What I'm curious about is whether or not it's a worthwhile program.

Can anyone here who's done the program speak to that? What can I expect?
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I haven't but I have friends who have......Two thoughts on it:

1) YES, it works and it works very well as long as your bust your ass

2) The bigger problem is what the hell do you do afterwards? It's not reasonable to do it back to back and you don't want to throw away all the progress you've made. You are going to want to have a plan ready for when you're done.
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It'll get you ripped, seen some of my friends get ripped off of it. I work out the old school way thoughso I dont personally know
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It's really too hard even for good sportlers.I'd recommend U RevAbs.Much better and easier
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It works.... and like Renihan said, it'll only work if you push yourself to your limit. The videos will tell you what to do, but it's up to you how much weight, and reps you want to do.
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