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There's this nice set of rocks on the lakefront surrounded by trees that my friends and I have been using as our summer smoke spot for a few years.

One night we were smoking there and my friend was literally right in the middle of a bong hit when a bat flew out from between the rocks we were sitting on. we all freaked out and it ended with my friend kicking his bong off the rocks and into the lake.

bats suck, always killing my buzz
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we used to have hundreds of them living in the roof of my cottage. as a kid i could hear them rsutling around in the walls when i was trying to go to sleep at night. i used to sit on the picnic table with my dad as the sun went down and count them coming out one by one from under the dormers. it was pretty cool.
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One time when we did some recording sessions an at a huge barn that also had a pond on the property. About 3 in the morning after a marathon session the bass player and I took a CD of rough mixes, sat in the car close to the ponds edge with our beer and smoke, cranked the tunes up and watched the bats dive and eat the bugs off the surface of the water. It was pretty cool.
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In Sri Lanka the sky gets blacked out by them, and they hang off the trees in such larger numbers that you can't see the trees. We had one in our room in this amazing low-key resort type place just outside of a rainforest. The rooms were all set inside of overhanging rockfaces, so it was appropriate, and we managed to get him flying out. You never know where they are going to zig or zag.
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