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Chris 02-21-2012 08:49 PM

Favorite Artist/Band
I was just wondering, whats everybody's favorite artist or band? This is an extremely difficult question, but I thought it'd be interesting.

My favorite artist for quite some time now has been Jack Johnson

Aar_Canada 02-21-2012 09:54 PM

The Stones. And The Band, Zeppelin, Ennio Morricone, two years of the Beach Boys, Ron Sexsmith.

Gurk 02-21-2012 10:53 PM

As of right now, a rap group called Little Brother. Love their shiet.

Nites 02-22-2012 12:43 AM

Metallica, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead

fancylad 02-22-2012 11:17 AM

My list changes pretty frequently, but these are the constants. Beatles, Stones, Smiths, Joy Division/New Order, Depeche Mode, The Specials, Gil Scott Heron, Fela Kuti, Chromeo.

jeffb 02-22-2012 12:31 PM

Sade, saul williams, kanye, queen, zeppelin, stone temple pilots, radiohead, janet jackson, michael jackson, the cure, tool, marvin gaye, David Bowie, Primus, NIN

Shadowfax 02-22-2012 12:46 PM

seriously don't even know where to start...guess i'd have to categorize myself as a 70's child...so a lot of the classic rock bands

Deep Purple
Pink Floyd
Jethro Tull
The Who
Doobie Brother
Allman Brothers
Alice Cooper

shit, the list could go on and on :haha:

Windex 02-22-2012 01:07 PM

The Roots, Outkast, Black Keyes and about 80 others

Beans 02-23-2012 10:30 PM

Gerhard Richter baby!

Acie 02-23-2012 11:44 PM

Ozark Mountain Daredevils

DVS 02-24-2012 12:10 AM

The list is neverending but I'll name a few

The Cult
Rage Against the Machine
Pearl Jam
Stone Temple Pilots
Van Halen (not Van Hagar)
The Offspring
Alice in Chains
Faith no More

Thats all I can think of right now

Bill Haverchuck 02-24-2012 12:24 AM

DVS 02-24-2012 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by Bill Haverchuck (Post 619103)

Dam good live band. I remember going to a RHCP concert where STP opened up. Needles to say RHCP put on a lousy preformance and the crowd started chanted BRING BACK STP.

Just incredible

LX 02-24-2012 07:50 AM

The Fall
Johnny Cash
Maddox Bros. and Rose
Tom Waits
Velvet Underground
Antonio Carlos Jobim
LCD Soundsystem
And too many more to mention

LX 02-24-2012 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by Beans (Post 619085)
Gerhard Richter baby!

Haha - nice. I've use his stuff as a desktop image.

thought 02-24-2012 08:49 AM

The Roots, Outkast, ATCQ, Pharcyde

box92 02-28-2012 04:09 PM

Linkin park :D

started listening to a bunch of Enter Shikari though

CrimzonTide 02-29-2012 12:38 AM

Dead Kennedys, Casualties, Misfits, SOJA, Blood for Blood

Thug 02-29-2012 12:57 AM

The Weeknd
The Old Lil Wayne
Chris Brown
Kanye West

Beans 02-29-2012 02:15 AM

I can't sleep, and I'm halfway interested in art and music, so here's my inexact favourite artist : favourite band list.

Gerhard Richter : The Who
Steven Shearer : The Replacements
Brian Jungen : Superchunk
Bansky : Sex Pistols
Sophie Calle : John Coltrane
Anish Kapoor : Duke Ellington

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