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Dr. J. Naismith 01-07-2008 11:06 AM

fancy, how was your trip to Jolly Ole' England? Was it eventful? :confused:

fancylad 01-07-2008 11:49 AM

Oh hey doc.

Just got back late last week and am still getting into the normal swing of things.

London was pretty cool. it was a good time to go considering it was boxing week there too - so i managed to pick up a few things without breaking the bank. Highlites included the pubs, the Tate modern, other museums, town of Oxford and just generally soaking in the London atmosphere. Lowlites included the huge numbers of other tourists and our walk/tube-ride home from new years eve fireworks. Shit. I've never actually gotten lost with the use of a map before but it happened that night. I mean i could even find my place on the map and then a few minutes later i was lost again. So many similar sounding streets. For example: dr.J road meeting with dr.J terrace and then a few streets later dr.J Mews. Damn annoying. Add that with extremely overcrowded subway as transit was free after new years = bad times.

but all in all, i enjoyed it. London was definately one of the bussiest cities i have ever been to. and that's not specifically a bad thing.

Dr. J. Naismith 01-07-2008 12:04 PM

That's awesome fancy. Glad you had a fun and safe trip. :)

My wife and I are thinking about going to England (Devon) to visit her family for Xmas next year because I haven't been to Britan since I was 5 or 6 years old. Been everywhere else in Europe since then and over the years, but for whatever reason I'm dying to go back to England. I think its the history of everything there that appeals to me the most. :confused:

fancylad 01-07-2008 12:40 PM

Ya.. the cool thing about europe and England is how close other cities are in proximity. So you can easily see other cool towns/cities with a quick train ride. And hey if you have family there and can benefit from some free accomodation, best not to pass it up.

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