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Jay 05-02-2008 11:50 PM

Why I'm hoping Atlanta pulls off Game 7.
To paraphrase Sloan, it's not the team I hate, it's their fans. I am so sick of Boston fans and it goes way past the Celtics. People were all over Bibby when he said that the Boston fans were bandwagoners, but he was right. The place was empty a year ago and nobody was wearing any Celtics gear on the street and all of a sudden, everybody has been a Celtics fan their whole life. You can say what you want about Raptors fans, but even when this team was absolute shit (and they have been at various points), we still put a fair amount of bums in the seats. The novelty has worn off, the Raptors have been around for a while, so if you look back a couple of years and see how we were still going to games and buying memorabilia, at least we're in it till the end.

But yes, it extends beyond the Celtics. As a Habs fans, I was thrilled to have the rivalry back against the Bruins, but the way the Boston players, fans and coaching staff started talking was ridiculous. I think it's all a carry over from the Red Sox. These guys were losers forever, then they win the first World Series a few years ago and they turn into the most obnoxious people you could ever meet. Now, after winning their second in the past few years, their attitude makes Yankee fans look like saints.

Anyway, there is enough satisfaction even seeing this go to a Game 7, but it would be total icing on the cake to see the Hawks slap the Celtics (and to do it in Boston too). Even if Boston gets through this round, you have to wonder, if they can't beat the Hawks in Atlanta, how the hell are they going to beat the Pistons in Detroit? How are they going to beat the Lakers in LA or the Spurs in SA? If you thought Golden State knocking out the Mavs last year was big, this would be huge.

Ball Don't Lie 05-03-2008 02:09 AM

ATL just isnt a good matchup for Boston with their athleticism. Bostons main problem vs them is their athleticism and getting on the offensive glass and having about 5 guys that can drive it to the hole. Detroit, Cleveland, and Orlando are all jumpshooting teams who dont really attack the basket. Its not so much player matchups, its that ATL on most possessions have 4 guys that can take it to the hole, and if they miss, theres at least 3 guys on the glass. I think theyll have a much easier time with CLE

Belsius 05-03-2008 07:45 AM

I wanted Atlanta to win, but I realized that would mean that the cavs would beat em in the second round. And it would be a detroit - cavs confernce finals again. No please.

Acie 05-03-2008 11:31 AM

I'm Bruins and Red Sox fan Jay.

Clearly you didn't realize that the obnoxiousness was always there.

Thug 05-03-2008 11:43 AM

I hate the Celtic fans too..go Hawks.

Major 05-04-2008 08:33 AM

Ohh man, I can't wait till this game. As much as I want Atlanta to win SO BADLY, I think Boston will blow 'em out.

Think about it, Boston is favoured to win the cup, let alone get knocked out in the first round.

Let's say you are Boston, you finished the season with the best record in the league, and get to play a team that you killed them in all three games in the season, in the first round, and you have to play them in a game 7.

Do you really think the Celtics would let them win the game? No, they're gonna go all out and smash 'em, no doubt.

Also, referring to the Habs-Bruins series. Habs were favoured to sweep them considering they were 8-0 against them in the season. Habs are forced into a game 7, what happens? 5-zip Habs.

My point, plain and simple: IMO, the Celtics will not let the Hawks win.

Do I want Boston to win? Hell no. I'm just trying to prove a point here so if Boston wins there's no surprise.

Jay 05-04-2008 11:24 AM

I think the Celtics are going to lay a serious beat down this afternoon, but I am hoping otherwise. Won't be able to see the first half of this, so I'm hoping it is close until I get back for the second.

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