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Player_Royal 03-06-2011 10:33 AM

Who/What is talented ?
With everyone lately talking about how much natural talent T-Mac had and what amazing work ethic Kobe has etc, I asked myself what exactly do you guys consider talented ?

Are you talented because you are 6'6 with a 6'11 wingspan and a quick first step or are you talented because you learned so many moves and how to use them on any given situation ? Or what exactly does make people "talented" ? Do you consider somebody like Eric Dampier talented because he obviously can't dribble, make moves, make shots etc to save his life ?

Here a mix I finished some minutes ago on that subject

th3answ3r 03-06-2011 10:40 AM

allen iverson; if he had no talent, i doubt that he would have been able to carry a team. hell i think all superstars are talented. hard work can only get you so far.

Dark Knight 03-06-2011 11:02 AM

Gerald Green is talented. And also in Russia. :mischief:

Alex 03-06-2011 11:24 AM

Every NBA player has talent, even Kwame.

Deez 03-06-2011 11:53 AM

Having talent early on can stunt you because in many cases it means you don't have to work hard to excel. If you are already beating everyone, it takes a particular personality to want to push through for more...Kobe, Michael, etc.....or you can just lose part of your manhood and sneak a superteam together. Either way.

Nice video, by the way. Didn't want to , but I may have to work out today. :showoff:

jj33 03-06-2011 11:53 AM

I've never seen Bargs training hard like that!

Player_Royal 03-06-2011 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Dark Knight (Post 517287)
Gerald Green is talented. And also in Russia. :mischief:

I think Gerald Green is the perfect example of somebody who had amazing athleticsm and good size but didn't work as hard as he could during his days in the NBA and was out quickly. Ok, he's still balling in Russia and making his money but if he worked harder he could have definitely become a role player in the NBA.

On the other hand, what if Green's basketball IQ is that limited ? Maybe he doesn't take those bad decisions on the court or misses easy buckets because he doesn't work hard, maybe it's because his BB IQ doesn't allow him to be better ?

How much of an influence do you think that BBall IQ has on "talent" ? And can you improve your bb iq ? IMO you definitely can by watching as many games as possible and learn why players succeed in different situations and which are good and bad shots etc...

komot 03-06-2011 05:30 PM

high nba IQ, athletic, and able to combine both into a form of game that well suits that player.

ha123 03-06-2011 06:39 PM

At one point in Tmac's career, he was actually as good as kobe. If he had Kobe's work ethic and will, he would have achieved great things. Same with Vince Carter.

Some people are gifted with talent, but not gifted with hard work.
Some people are gifted with hard work, but not talent.

Well everyone...except LeBron James.

LX 03-07-2011 08:12 AM

Talent needs to be translated to success in a team sport. That is why you see veteran teams winning - they've figured out how to do that. Knowing your role and filling that role properly makes all the difference in the world. And it has to be something that happens throughout 48 minutes. Basketball is unforgiving. If the focus of key players is lost at the wrong time, then talent isn't going to matter all that much in the final results.

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