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Ball Don't Lie 04-27-2012 08:42 PM



Russell Westbrook
Thabo Sefolosha
Kevin Durant
Serge Ibaka
Kendrick Perkins


Jason Kidd
Delonte West
Shawn Marion
Dirk Nowitzki
Brendan Haywood



Derek Fisher
James Harden
Nick Collison
Nazr Mohammed


Rodrigue Beaubois
Jason Terry
Vince Carter
Brandon Wright
Ian Mahinmi

Key Matchups:

Coaching and experience. OKC obviously has more talent and chemistry, but I'll take Rick Carlisle over Scott Brooks everytime. Dallas has a deep bench, whereas OKC has a bench with one star and guys who know how to play their role and play them well. I think Carlisle will be able to better adjust as usual with his lineups than Brooks, as DAL can matchup with OKCs best lineup with KD at the 4 pretty well.

Russell Westbrook vs Delonte West. I don't see Kidd guarding Westbrook as Kidds biggest strengths defensively now are guarding SGs and with help defence, so I think West will be on Westbrook with Kidd playing whatever side of the floor the ball is on 'guarding' Sefolosha. West is the kind of defender that can give Westbrook problems with his strength and quickness.

Dirk Nowitzki vs the world. This is probably the biggest key to the series. Dallas doesn't have as many consistant options to go to as last year and their chemistry isnt as good overall, so I think the only way for them to really be able to win 4 games is if Dirk goes God mode again against the Thunder, which then gets his shooters open. Does Dirk still have another playoff run like last years ridicilous run left in him?


OKC in 6.If Westbrook isn't more mature after the beating he took in the social atmosphere after the DAL series and chucks up shots again that lose his team the game late in games then he'll be straight on the Marbury/Francis path to being a career loser. OKCs chemistry is better than last year, and they're a better team than last year. It's hard for me to believe Dallas can just turn it on because their interior D isnt what it was last year nor do they have the same mix of players. This should be one of the most entertaining series of the 1st rd.

'trane 04-28-2012 01:06 AM

sports guy


"OK, Dirk, here's the plan."

"I'm listening."

"We're throwing away our title defense. We're just going to put it in a Dumpster and smear it with dog feces. By the end of the regular season, Delonte West will be our third-best player, we'll be relying on an overweight Vince Carter, we'll have turned Tyson Chandler into a three-headed dose of mediocrity called Brendian Haywonimight, and unless Jason Terry is feeling it, you'll have to shoot every single time in the fourth quarter of every playoff game."

"Got it."

"We might win one game against Oklahoma City, that's it. Then you'll have the spring and summer off."

"Sounds good. One question: Why would we do this?"

"Because we want to sign Deron Williams this summer. This was the only way."

"Deron Williams … the guy who acted like such a dick in Utah that they flipped him into two top-three lottery picks and never looked back and since then he's been playing for a lottery team?"

"Yeah, that Deron Williams. Also, we have a 2.2 percent chance of getting Dwight Howard, too."

"Dwight Howard … the guy who's three months away from quitting on his team and needs season-ending back surgery?"

"Seriously? That's going to happen? How do you know this?"

"I just do."


"Any chance we can come up with another plan?"

(Dead silence.)
LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, the Spurs and more storylines from the 2012 NBA Playoffs - Grantland

bjjs 04-28-2012 07:48 AM

They were going to lose in the first round last year to Portland. The biggest difference this year - moreso than Delonte and Haywood replacing Chandler & Barea, is that Dirk isn't close to being the same player he was at the end of last season.

ScottMescudi 04-28-2012 10:37 PM

Mavs showing that they can still play with OKC.

Dario 04-28-2012 11:14 PM

I think mavs are gonna take this series in 6

bjjs 04-28-2012 11:34 PM

I love Jason Terry

fk24 04-28-2012 11:35 PM

OKC just looks like a dysfunctional offensive team. Look at the way Dallas executes and OKC executes. Just a big difference.

bjjs 04-28-2012 11:52 PM

Dirk looks horrible...hurting Dallas with his defense.

VanCity 04-28-2012 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by bjjs (Post 639785)
Dirk looks horrible...doesn't even belong out on the court.

dirk needs to get it going. okc is gaining some momentum.

Dario 04-28-2012 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by bjjs (Post 639785)
Dirk looks horrible...hurting Dallas with his defense.

Besides his FG% hes playing a good all round game

Dario 04-28-2012 11:56 PM

that was the ugliest fadeaway i've ever seen by Marion

bjjs 04-28-2012 11:58 PM

A few more of those and his lack of defense is forgotten.

bjjs 04-29-2012 12:00 AM

Durant is a horrible defender....he should be disqualified from the MVP race.

VanCity 04-29-2012 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by bjjs (Post 639789)
A few more of those and his lack of defense is forgotten.

yep. hes got it goin again.

ScottMescudi 04-29-2012 12:03 AM

Dallas could get this one!

bjjs 04-29-2012 12:05 AM

"Dirk. Di-i-i-irrrrrrrrk."

Dario 04-29-2012 12:08 AM


RaptorsandBuckeye FaN 04-29-2012 12:11 AM

Great game. Different players stepping up at different moments. Dirk went on a run a second ago and then Durant took over with a few plays. Terry & Harden both have been great off the bench for both sides. Westbrook has played great. Lots of good action!

bjjs 04-29-2012 12:11 AM


I predict a big stop by Marion on Durant coming up.

ScottMescudi 04-29-2012 12:13 AM

This is a very nice game! Let's see what OKC will do.

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