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Originally Posted by Ball Don't Lie View Post
Comeon TOR you're better than that. That move is Colangeloesque. Theres no way GSW does that trade to get a 2 year window where they still likely wouldnt win it all. They're much better off keeping their core in tact for the next 4-5 years and hoping Barnes turns into a special player, and even if he doesnt he'll be a solid starter and GSW will still be contenders if healthy.
Meh. The Warriors are close enough (IMO) that I would take the gamble. Unless Barnes turns into the next Durant (which is unlikely) it's not that bad a deal. Pierce brings championship experience and he's a great locker room guy... and he can still PLAY. Another deadly 3-pt shooter and a gifted passer.

Worst comes to worst, he expires and you have $16M+ to grab someone else.

I suppose that the one confirmed positive that you'd have by waiting another 2-3 seasons to "peak" would be that the Spurs, Lakers and Mavs would probably be re-tooling at that point and you'd only have major competition from OKC.
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Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
Another trade possibility for the Celts....

To BOS: Barnes, Rush, Jefferson

To GS: Pierce, Barbosa

Celts acquire some young talent and RJ is an expiring contract next season.

Warriors add a guy with championship experience and they field possibly the best starting 5 in the NBA and become a legit title contender.

PG - Curry
SG - Thompson
SF - Pierce
PF - Lee
C - Bogut
The warriors already said they aren't likely to make any moves at all by the deadline.
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Originally Posted by Ligeia View Post
It was his back. He and his agent claimed it was his legs that were gassed but the red flag for back problems was the reason he dropped to 21st from being essentially a guaranteed lottery pick.
You are right. He was supposed to go higher, but dropped to 21st due to some medical reports. His dad claimed it was his hip that bothered him and not the back, but most GMs decided not to take the risk.
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Celts 4-0 without Rondo
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Originally Posted by Windex View Post
Celts 4-0 without Rondo
Not that surprising when you look at the track record. Last 3 years when Rondo is out...

2010-11: 8-5

2011-12: 9-5

2012-13: 6-3
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