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Originally Posted by Renihan_00 View Post
I think comparing free throws is a bad way to compare ref favoritism. It's not always about the calls, it's more about the NON-calls.

Last night the lakers and thunder game, I saw at least 5 non-calls in the first 9 minutes in favor of the lakers.

Then the called a foul on the thunder when there was ZERO contact on a Kobe fade-away jumper. The disparity there isn't 2 ft's to 0.

It really is

2 ft's to -6 ft's to account for the plays where a player should have been at the line. You have an 8 point swing right there.

Then you have "turnovers" that happened on fouls. No wonder LA started up 14-1.
I actually agree with that. But comparing free throws is the best I can do for now. I can't post full game footage of the six game Without the footage, it's hard to talk about non-calls. But one game both Cavs big men fouled out, so they were getting called for grabbing Dwight, that I remember. D12 shot a lot of FTAs during that series.

In my opinion, Lebron got some favourable calls in a couple of games, but so did the Magic during certain games. Overall, I think it balanced out. If it was fixed, the refs would have done much more for Lebron. It's really difficult to paint a full picture of events without going over a bunch of different stats while placing them in context.

Take game 1 for example. The Cavs were up by 20. Orlando got a bunch of stops and hit some 3-bombs and started to get back in the game. The Magic eventually stole that game. Lebron went to the line 10 times that game. He could have easily gone 15-18 times if it was fixed. The refs could have slowed the momentum of Orlando's 20 point comeback.

A couple of the other games were close too, like game 3. Orlando shot over 50 FTAs that game. They got their calls. If it was fixed, I don't think Orlando would have shot 50 FTA that game. That's a lot of free throws, even if a game goes into OT. Game 3 gave Orlando a bunch of momentum.

There's a bunch of stuff we could probably analyze and dissect.

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