Stern expects the 2010-11 cap to be 56.1Mil
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Wink Stern expects the 2010-11 cap to be 56.1Mil

Not bad imo. Better then expected.

David Stern places revised '10-'11 cap figure at $56.1 million, a boon to teams pursuing free agents.

Stern's new cap estimate is up dramatically from last summer's projection of $50.4M-$53.6M.

It's based on a 0.5 pct decline in league revenue (BRI), source tells Previous estimates feared a 2.5-5 pct. decline.$561m/

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don't forget the Clips and Im sure OKC has some space
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I honestly think that OKC is the best place for Chris Bosh to go. Him and Kevin Durant are two players that are around the same talent level, and would compliment each other nicely. Maybe work out a sign and trade with them or something.
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Thanks for posting the info, Jeff.

There are at least 9 teams that have significant cap space. A couple of other teams might have new space if certain undesireable players decline their player options, but I doubt undesireable players will do that.

Below I'll list some approxiamate figures regarding salary and cap holds. A few of the small market teams have lots of cap space and a bunch of cheap players already under contract. If they can convince somebody to sign with them, they are in position to spend almost all of their space on 1 guy. Some of the bigger markets don't have many players signed, though, so they need to ensure that they spread the money out a bit. That, or they will need to do sign and trades of some sort, or they will need to fill out their roster with league minimum players (I believe that is the only kind of player you can sign above the cap when you've used cap space, because you lose the exceptions when you sign free agents with cap space).

Salary and cap holds (approx. figures):

Chicago - $31,900,000 - (6 players on the books)

LA Clippers - $33,600,000 - (6 players on the books)

Miami - $ 7,150,000 - (2 players on the books)
*Miami will probably pick up Chalmers's efficient team option at $850,000

Minnesota - $35,150,000 - (8 players on the books)

New jersey - $22,225,000 - (6 players on the books)
*several other cheap team options could get picked up to fill the roster

New York - $17,800,000 - (4 players on the books)
*They also have a couple of cheap team options, and they can make Rodriguez a qualifying offer.

OKC - $40,250,000 - (12 players on the books)

Sac Kings - $33,250,000 - (9 players on the books)

Wizards - $29,200,000 - (6 players on the books)
*They have a team option on Josh Howard that would cost over $11 mill. And they have the option to make Foye a qualifying offer. Combined that would kill a lot of the cap space.

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