A Statistic we need to see and hear
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Default A Statistic we need to see and hear

A statistic we never see or hear about is the amount of passes prior to a shot attempt. I'm not talking about transition fast breaks, that doesn't count. I'm talking about when you bring the ball up the court with the other team set up on D properly. In that situation, you want lots of ball movement, with little dribbling. Easy simple passing along the perimeter, which leads to opportunities to get it inside.

Teams that average a high ammount of passes prior to shot attempt are probably very good, provided they have talent.

Celtics often move the ball around very well with little dribbling. I notice Lakers are very good as well, probably the best. And the cavs have definitely improved in this regard, compared to last year when there was way too much Lebron going 1 on 5.

Man, you never here commentators mentioning this statistic! Do they even keep it? It's important.

That's the Bulls weakness. The players don't seem to understand the importance of NOT trying to create your own shot with lots of dribbling. It involves trusting your teammates, but it also involves understanding WHY simple ball movement around the perimeter works wonders. I'm not sure the Bulls players really understand this.

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Well the teams you mentioned have main options IN THE POST and multiple options around the floor off the dribble, and the teams you mentioned have been together a while and have a better head coach than the Bulls.

The Cavs have Lebron who would rather create than score, and does so A LOT off pick and roll plays, and even now posts up and gets his teammates open that way too. The Cavs also have West and Williams as pick and roll plaeyrs, and Z in the post and pick and pop when needed.

The Lakers have 4 post options in their 3 bigs and Kobe, and just a sick offensive system with great floor balance that makes you pick your poison if you choose to double the post or pick and roll.

The Celtics have also implemented a nice system in place, and now that Rondo has broken out they have 4 main options when healthy.

The Bulls have Rose and Gordon as main options. Rose is a more legit option when hes aggressive because of his explosiveness and ability off the dribble. The Bulls problem is after him there isnt much else in terms of real options. Gordon needs the ball in his hands to be effective and that often hurts the Bulls more than it helps them because hes the biggest ball stopper in the league outside of Randolph. I dont even think he could fit in a system with constant ball movement. He almost needs to play around with the ball before shooting it to get himself into rhythm. Hes best at coming off the pick after dribbling and pulling up and that often takes a long time to develop and theres no flow within the offence. That and when hes not open off the picks he either jacks up a dumb shot or doesnt try and drive and kick but instead just picks the ball up. And Salmons? He isnt a true option. Hes just a really really good role player IMO.

The main difference between the teams is chemistry and knowing where their shots are comign from and trusting that their teammates will make the right play and passes to get them shots. There is no ballhogging on these teams because of experience and really just the overall chemistry.

The Bulls have some good pieces, but they need to turn those pieces into a legit bigman for Rose to throw the ball to and play pick and roll with and just play off of them.
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There is a fair amount of chucking up shots from Boston as well, particularly with Garnett out of their lineup. There are just an awful lot of isos leading to jumpshots in the game considering that the league was intent on diminishing that sort of play.

I'm simply looking for a team's ability to know each other, and know their opponents. And I don't see that much of either as opposed to teams in the past. There can be as much overpassing and a hesitancy to shoot as there can be quick shots with no plays allowed to develop. Just show me that you know where you can get your shots, then create those shots, and look for other options when that gets shut down, or find better options when you even have your shot available. Just make some basketball plays that can be sustained for a full game. I'm getting a little sick of seeing what amounts to three point shooting competitions with interludes of isos.
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Originally Posted by •LX• View Post
I'm simply looking for a team's ability to know each other, and know their opponents.
That`s what it comes down to, what that amounts to in terms of passes per possession changes with the makeup of the team.

I would like to know what the scoring percentage is on possessions that start and end on one side of the floor, vs possessions where the ball is swung. Especially with regards to the raptors.

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