Snippet of bill simmons LBJ article
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Default Snippet of bill simmons LBJ article

"Not since Magic Johnson has a superstar doubled as such a galvanizing teammate. If there's an enduring image of the '08-09 season, it's the way LeBron stamped his personality on everyone around him. They orchestrate goofy pregame intros (my favorite: the team snapshot), trade countless chest bumps, giggle on the sidelines, hang out on road trips and support each other in every way. What's telling about LeBron's in-traffic dunks -- and he unleashes them more frequently than anyone since Dominique -- is how he seeks out his bench for feedback, and even better, how they give it to him. It makes the forced camaraderie of the Lakers seem glaring. If you want to watch a team that pulls for each other and follows the lead of its best player, watch Cleveland.

And if you're a Cavs fan trying to talk yourself into LeBron staying after 2010, your best chance is this: Through 24 years, LeBron has proven to be an inordinately devoted guy. When you're with him, you're with him. The upcoming documentary (supposedly superb) about his high school years bangs this point home. So does the fact that he jettisoned his agents and surrounded himself with high school buddies. So does everything that happened this season. He's as good of a teammate as a player. The more I watch him, the more I wonder if such an intensely loyal guy would ever say, "Thanks for the memories, everybody," dump his teammates, dump his hometown and start a fresh life elsewhere. Although he isn't surrounded by the most talented players right now, collectively, it's a team in the truest sense, with a devoted set of appreciative fans, and maybe that's all LeBron James will need in the end.

see, this is why he is the best, he has made that team a TEAM. True leader, true decent kid who is good to be around and will try to lift you higher and make you feel important, stop hating, he is the best, in every way GO CAVS!!!
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I agree. He does piss me off sometimes, but so does every other "superstar". All the haters would get down on their knees if he was on their team.

Credit goes to Mike Brown as well. I may be in the minority here, but I love those team stunts they pull before every game. Team chemistry like that is hard to find nowadays; it's fun to watch.
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I've been on board all season long. I'm very impressed with the way they stayed patient and improved in different areas slowly but surely. Big Z's leadership gets overlooked a little. And not having Gooden makes the team so much easier for me to like.
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He isn't surrounded by the most talented players? Other than the lakers..

Having a former all-star starting center... a 4 time defensive player of the year @ PF... a current all-star point gaurd... and well.. delonte is alright lol...

still that's one hell of a team when u add the MVP at the SF.

GO CAVS !!!!
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Lebrons supporting cast is underrated, I think.

As for Lebron himself, the guy reminds me of an eastern spiritual teacher named Ramakrishna (late 1800's), who would surround himself with devoted disciples and get them to sing songs with him and dance.

These were grown men, but with Ramakrisha's inspiration they felt free to be child-like and uninhibited.

Lebron is like that. He works a magic on his teammates and helps them to attain his child-like innocence and playful spirit.

Now, it will be interesting to see if all this hype and praise he is getting will eventually corrupt him and turn him away from his current interest in bringing out a smile in others.

Who knows though, maybe Lebron had studied the NBA in his teens and noticed the censure that "selfish players" like Kobe and Iverson were getting from the older folks of the NBA who coach and commentate. So the fun-loving persona we see in Lebron today could be a calculated decision he made for the sake of fulfilling the void that older people were continually complaining about over the years.

Whether that's true or not doesn't matter to me. Lebron, by all appearances is a great spirit, and I look forward to watching him over this next decade.
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child-like innocence and playful spirit? lol
he is fun and charismatic but i don't know if i'd go that far
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never too old.
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its funny... i used to be such a Lebron Hater.
that is, until he fell to me 3rd overall (kobe and CP3 went 1st and 2nd) in my NBA fantasy league.
having this guy on my team really gave me an appreciation for his game and how good he really is.
it wasnt until about a month into the season when i was trash talking my friends saying that my team "the Lebron James' " were going to destroy everyone that i realized how much a fan i am of the kid. i became a fan by association. he single handedly put me in the league lead and i just couldnt hate the guy.
he's down right phenominal.
the best part is; we started a keeper league.... i will have LBJ for the next 10 years!
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it's nice that a fantasy league could provide something useful i suppose

now try and develop an appreciation of algebra watching porn
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I've never met him.

I think his house is ridiculous, I think he travels.

But he seem spretty cool, and I like his Nike commecials.

He's ok in my books, and Jesus, he's a friggan train!
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the only guy who thinks Terrence Ross will be an all-star

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Lebron's supporting cast is fantastic. Really deep and almost everyone plays on both sides of the ball. Both yea, he's the MVP
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