Shaun Livingston is back!
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kicking himself for being so emotionally invested in the Roller-coaster Raptors

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Default Shaun Livingston is back!

I was checking the boxscore of a Wizards game the other day and was shocked to find 3 things:

1. Shaun Livingston is playing in the NBA again. And by playing, I mean PLAYING - like 38 mins a game for his last 5 games. Not like the glorified try-outs he was getting last year.

2. Shaun Livingston is playing like pre-injury SHAUN LIVINGSTON in his last 5. Last 5 games: 38 mins, 16.2 points on 62% from the field, 5.8 dimes, 4.4 boards! And the shitty Wiz won 3 of those 5 games, including against Golden State by 18 points!

I'm actually thrilled that this kid is back in the NBA, and I wish him the best success for whatever team he plays for. Watching his injury happen a few years ago was one of the most gruesome things I've ever seen. It was the epitome of "he is DONE!" He blew three ligaments in his knee! His career was beyond over - would he even walk the same again?

I will continue to track his progress. He had so much talent, a 6'7 true PG (not a SG masequerading as a PG, like Tyreke Evans, albeit quite well). I always liked Livingston's game.
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a baller

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Wizards Insider - Livingston helps Wizards finish off Celtics
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ready to kill these refs

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I have no doubt in my mind he would be an all-star by now if the injury hadn't happened.Hopefully he continues to play great basketball for the Wiz.
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yes, good for him, really liked his game. Hopefully he can sustain the high level of play
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the gat'll killya quicker, when I'm drunk off the liquor

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Nice to see. Playing for Washington is a good way for Livingston to audition for a new contract, since he can get a lot of minutes with the Wizards. No doubt he has talent. I'm sure some GMs are watching closely to see how his legs hold up, though.

The Wiz still have Arenas, so I wonder how hard they'll try to keep Livingston during the off-season?
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Lao Wai
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He would be a nice addition to the Raptors if they can clear out Jose and JJ and get a real #1 PG. He would be a terrific back-up as well as Banks.
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Yea i felt really bad for Livingstons after his horrible injury...glad to see he's bouncing back
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jonas smellandchewthis

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A buddy of mine had his ticket punched to play basketball down south until he pulled a Shaun Livingston and destroyed his knee. I wouldn't wish an injury like that on anyone ever, I'm stoked to see he's back and kickin' it.
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is all bout dat life

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If Livingston can continue this play I can see him becoming a top ten PG next season. Offensively he is very difficult to guard for other PG's.
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is getting to the line..

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His injury was one of the worst i've seen happen in a NBA game...

Like its... really really hard to watch... I had to turn away from the clip.
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Livingston was one of my favorite players when he came out. I was devastated when that injury happened, I always thought he'd be a top level PG with his height and sick passing ability. I dont think he'll ever get back to where he was athletically, but hopefully his bball IQ and overall skill can keep him in the league.
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Is it a contract year for him? Could explain the 'high' level of play. I'd hate to see a team throw major money his way and then have him revert to his 'fragile' status.
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im just hoping hes strengthening his body more after that freak injury
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hopefully we use our draft pick this year, let's not miss out this years Rodney hood

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as a guy who suffered a bad knee injury myself, this makes me extremely happy that he is coming back from the injury

but I hope he can keep it up

i can't even look when guys get injured now, especially when you know what kind of feeling it is when you hurt your knee
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