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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
who cares? he's one of the best players to ever put on an nba jersey.
One of the best to wear a needlessly baggy jersey, maybe. Does he think it's slimming? Does his ego need the extra room? These are pressing questions, no?
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Originally Posted by thought View Post
RE: bolded. Doesn't make sense does it?

there's no double-standard, kobe's guys aren't producing. i if you watch laker games as often as i'll do you'd know that kobe is doing as good a job as ever of trying to get his guys involved. The team just hasn't been producing, and it's baffling given the talent level.

he spent essentially the whole first half of both games against boston and houston feeding the post to get gasol and bynum going. you saw how gasol played against boston - soft. he was put in positions to succeed and he didn't produce; chalk it up to exhaustion or whatever, but he hasn't been pau gasol. bynum isn't where the team needs him to be. ron artest is well...ron artest - essentially a negative on the floor most nights. derek fisher is still the worst starting point guard in the league. right now, kobe can't do much to change all that, or so it seems. granted, lamar odom has been playing out of his mind but at this point he and kobe are the only ones bringing it consistently.

i dunno man, i think you need to start watching some lakers games start to finish. the fourth quarter doesn't tell the whole story.
I don't watch many Laker games so I'll bow to you on those points and consider them true....


You can't tell me that you don't see a double standard here when people talk about Kobe and then talk about a guy like Bosh.

I've beaten this topic to death in an attempt to get people to understand what you're saying about Kobe and the Lakers now... which is that it doesn't matter how good a star plays (and let's not kid ourselves... Bosh was damn good when he was here) if his teammates play like garbage.

If it were all about one guy Kobe would "find a way to get it done".... unfortunately it isn't that simple... and never has been.
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