Scottie Pippen kicks fans ass
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Default Scottie Pippen kicks fans ass

Scottie Pippen's claiming he attacked a fan in Malibu this weekend in self-defense ... after the man called him the n-word and then spit at him.

Sources close to Pippen tell us, the middle-aged man who got his ass kicked by Pippen outside Nobu Sunday night was a drunk, overly aggressive fan who had been badgering Pippen for attention all evening ... beginning inside Nobu, where Pippen was eating with friends.

At one point, we're told one of Pippen's dinner guests went to the bathroom ... and the man sat in the guest's place ... continuing to pester Pippen with questions. We're told Pippen bit his tongue and politely asked the man to leave.

After the meal, we're told Pippen agreed to take a photo with the man outside the restaurant ... but the man continued to be aggressive, demanding an autograph as well. Pippen refused and we're told that's when the man dropped the n-bomb, shoved the NBA legend, then spat at him.

Sources close to Pippen say he lost it when the spit landed on his young daughter -- and Pippen flew into attack mode.

As we reported, the alleged victim was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his head, face, and back. Pippen has since spoken with authorities and he was not arrested.
Scottie Pippen -- Beatdown Victim Spit at Me, Called Me the N-Word |

Police question Scottie Pippen after Malibu assault

Scottie Pippen Allegedly Punches Fan: California Altercation Results in No Charges | Video - ABC News
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If Scottie's account of events are right, the fan definitely deserves it. Why would you spit on his daughter?
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wow that's crossing the line,

I don't blame pippen for raging, I just hope that guy isnt seriously hurt even though he is racist and bigot just not good to see someone hurt over something so stupid

honestly that's the one thing that can make any man go off the deep end and inflict damage

you shouldn't bother a person when he is with his family enjoying a dinner,
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there is never an excuse for badly hurting someone.

i probably need to quantify that. If it's in self-defence and the other person is armed in some way and keeps attacking then obv, you do what you need to.

but some drunk idiot!? i bet one punch or even slap woulda put him in his place and stopped him, then you get yourself away from the scene.
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Bull (E) beatdown
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Why wouldn't a celebrity hang out joint call the police.
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Absolutely deserved that shit 100% if he spit on him and pushed him.
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