Rule change for 2011-12 season
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Smile Rule change for 2011-12 season

NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson confirmed Wednesday that several new rule interpretations will be a point of emphasis for the league's referees when the regular season begins on Dec. 25.

"Rip-through" moves, in which an offensive player swings the ball into a defender's outstretched arm and then attempts a shot once he has created contact, will be considered non-shooting fouls if the contact begins before the offensive player starts his shooting motion.

Also, on drives to the basket, a shooting foul will be called only if contact occurs after the offensive player has begun his shooting motion, not after he has initiated his leap toward the basket.

"Certain types of contact involving the shooter were all being called in his favor," Jackson said. "It doesn't look good for the game. There was a strong feeling that those types of plays were creating an ill-advised reward for the shooter, often with three free throws."

The league will also make traveling in the post and on the perimeter a point of emphasis, with a player hopping off of and landing on the same foot viewed as an automatic violation. Referees will also consider locking or clamping an opponent's arm or hand under the basket while battling for a rebound and discontinued or hesitation dribbles as automatic violations.
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about time....some of those and 1's were ridiculous
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Well if this is true we should see a marked decrease in FTAs this season....

The "rip through" moves are definitely going to target Dirk and Durant while the other change will affect the Lebrons and Wades.

I expect to see a LOT of whining & complaining lol.
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Default BIG Rule Change for the Upcoming 2011/2012 Season

I will no longer be picking Maggette and Kmart in my fantasy league, heh. Hopefully the Miami Heat feel the effects of this the most.

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Ohh man Durant is screwed quite a bit. Good bye, 28 ppg. Hello, 23 ppg.
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