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souternmost raptors fan 08-31-2008 12:11 PM

Was Rose Worth the 1st Pick?
You know, the closer I look at Derrick Rose's stats, the less I think he deserved being drafted first. Here are some stats that I found interesting:

PPG- 14.9

# of games with 20 or more points- 8

# of games with less than 10 points- 11

APG- 4.7

# of games with 10 or more assists- 2

# of games with 5 or less assists- 26

# of games with 5 or more turnovers- 6

Assist-to-turnover ratio- 1.74

FG%- 47.7

FT%- 71.2

3P%- 33.7

And these stats were on a schedule that featured 26 games against second-rate teams, including both tournaments. To me, these stats do not indicate a first-rate point guard. Hell, if there were more good point guards in the draft I might not even consider taking him in the first round. I can't figure out who the genius was that decided that he was to be the first pick, but all that I have to say to him is retire now, before everyone realizes that Derrick Rose was never worth the first pick.

dfunkie1 08-31-2008 03:11 PM

i don't think he was worth the title of the first overall selection, but with this past draft i don't believe anyone really deserved it. i honestly think this draft is an easy comparison to the 2006 entry draft when bargs was selected. top five could easily be re-arranged depending on who is picking. needless to say, i'm not that disappointed that we missed out in the festivities....although i would love for us to have kevin love

Ugo Ferst 08-31-2008 03:26 PM

Rose is a special kid, remember he was a freshman, he will only get better. In 3 years his name will go along with D Williams and CP3.

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