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Waiting for DD's 1st in game wind mill Dunk

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Originally Posted by Dann38 View Post
All teams get old eventually.
The Bulls beat the best the league had to offer at that time.
Dominating an entire decade is nothing to sneeze at.
It was what it was.
+100000 Thank you!!
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Originally Posted by •LX• View Post
Joey Crawford.

As for MJ - his problem is that the invention of hyping the individual player happened with him fully in collusion, so that even though he was a nice team player, so much of his personality, and so much shit that surrounded him said otherwise, and that's what way too many players with talent picked up on and emulated.

One of the things that stands out is Collins quoted as saying he just told the other four players to get out of the way and get the ball to Michael. That didn't take on a life of it's own for Jordan himself, but it did for other players and coaches to come. Didn't Lenny even use it a bit in regard to Vince? It became a big part of his legacy that is hard to separate from the rest.
I cant disagree with any of that, but I judge players by their personality on the court.

Although off the court, Michael wasnt completely selfish. Hes always given Pippen credit for his success, he wondered how Rodman wasnt included in the NBAs top 50. Hes always given his teammates their due respect.

So many greats have stories just like the Collins quote. Bird telling the other team that hes going to get the last shot, and where hes going to take the shot. Not to mention the Collins years date back to when Michael was a player who dominated the ball. However, their is also the famous Kerr game winner with Michael giving up the ball which is much more indicative of his play when he was at his pinnacle.

As for him being in collusion with the marketing surrounding him.. sure. But whats he supposed to do..hes not a humble person. I dont think his head ever got as big as some people assume, he worked far to hard to stay on top. He had an enormous amount of confidence, but I think he was very grounded at the same time, he knew that the key to being the best was working harder than everyone else in the league.

If you listen to Kobe talk about MJ, he almost always brings up his work ethic. The players who tried to emulate MJ, and actually understood MJ, ended up being pretty good players as well, good team players to boot.

For the record. I cursed at MJ getting calls back in the day as much as anybody. I was a Piston fan growing up, Zeke was my childhood hero, later I rooted for the Rockets and the Jazz.
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effin' ineffable

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I don't disagree with that at all. I do think that Kobe could have been a lost cause had it not been for Jackson. Jackson really does have to get credit for molding great players into guys that can do what it takes for the team to win. So much gets made of what he does with supposed stiffs. I disregard that and look at how he gets great players to another level entirely that allows just about anybody to become better alongside them. And he also had years where he just had loaded teams.
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Jackson just seems to understand the game on a philosophical level unlike any other coach in the game.
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everybody get off ur arses and vote CB4 to the All Star Game!

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Duncan is definitely in consideration for that title, along with Barkley and Malone.
If push comes to shove I would have to say that yes, he is the GOAT @ PF.
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