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The main problem with the dunk contest its from now on you know everything will be staged. You can bet anything you want that lebron will reach the finals next year even if he sucks.
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Who said Nate The Great for the win?? bling bling i also knew he had some "special prop", it was kinda funny , kryptonite.
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waiting for the Masai-a

on ihateus
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If Dwight had saved that telephone booth dunk for the last round, he would've won it all but his dunks in the final round were mediocre compared to what Nate was doing.

Originally Posted by Dann38 View Post
I loved Nates dunk over Howard. Using your opponent as a prop? Brilliant.
Dwight was a really good sport though.
I'm surprised that Dwight agreed to this. Now they're gonna show that clip of him getting dunked over again and again

I agree that the dunk contest has gotten too gimmicky but Dwight's antics were mildly amusing. Also it seems that you can't get a picture of Nate Robinson with his trap closed.

The best real dunk of the night for me was Rudy's dunk which was very creative. Unfortunately, he fucked it up with too many misses.
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I didn't like it this year. Howard got 50's for crap dunks
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Rudy's dunk with Pau was sick.
Judges were on Howard's dick
Nice rhyme!!!
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Yeah, I think Rudy kind of got jobbed too. I was pretty impressed with what he did. I'm just happy Howard didn't win, not only because I didn't think his dunks were that good, but also because the whole "Superman" thing is seriously wearing thin. Even thinner with Kenny doing his "Dut-da da!!!" thing.
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The dunk contest has turned into wrestling. Capes, Telephone booths, superman, a higher net and a "kryptonite" jersey and shoes to defeat superman?

these guys shud save this shit for WWE... take it outta the dunk contest.
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