Q & A with MJ
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Q & A with MJ

A: Overall, I think the CBA is better. Is it ultimately what we hoped for? No. Some of the things that are pluses: Shorter contracts and tax (increases on the big spenders)...

I would have liked to have seen more risk (shared) by the players. Economically it’s a tough time for a lot of the markets, not just small markets. Could (the maximum length of) contracts have been shorter? Yeah, they could have been shorter. Could there have been guidelines allowing small-market teams to be more aggressive (in competition with) big markets? Yeah.
A: (Bismack) Biyombo reminds me so much -- I don’t want to compare him, but -- of (Hakeem) Olajuwon. He had skills and he was all about work ethic and I think this kid is, too.

(On Kemba Walker): When he has the ball, he knows anytime he can score. He was patient. He wasn’t rushing. He attacked. He dissected. That’s an unbelievable advantage. You can’t react to something without understanding it. This kid has that. Granted, he’s 5-10 (listed as 6-1). But those are things I saw in him that are hard to give to other people.

Q: If you were still a player, what would it take for you to want to come to Charlotte to play?

A: Support of the city. Looking at the talent (already there), the commitment from the organization, the coaching staff (to winning). And me, I’m looking to turn it into something great. Not maybe to start at the bottom, but to see if I can carry that weight of the city’s desire to win.

That’s what I was all about. Maybe some of these kids have a little different perspective. Chicago put its faith in me to win. Maybe we can find a guy with that same emotion. The city is starving for a winner, and maybe I can find that player who says, “Hey, I can make a difference.’’ I hope there are still players out there with that same perspective.

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jordan's not the greatest judge of talent so i'll take his opinions on kemba and bismack with a grain of salt
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I don't want to compare. but Kwame kind of reminds me of David Robinson..... he may not be as skilled, but he has the colour tone and knee structure.... you can't teach that.

That's what I think of Jordan's evaluation.
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