Pistons eyeing 'Big Baby?'
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Pistons eyeing 'Big Baby?'

the Pistons, no longer among the Eastern Conference's power teams, are trying to build a new team on the fly, and will try to add anther piece in the next week at the expense of one of their old rivals, the Boston Celtics. A Monday trade of guards Arron Afflalo and Walter Sharpe to the Denver Nuggets was done to help make a run at Celtics restricted free agent forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis, according to several sources.

But the Pistons will have trouble creating enough cap room in order to make a serious run at Davis, who starred for the Celtics in Kevin Garnett's absence in the playoffs. After Monday's trade, which cleared an additional $1.8 million in cap room, Detroit only has eight players under contract, not including its three drafted players -- Austin Daye, DeJuan Summers and Jonas Jurebko. (The Pistons will keep all three of their rookies.) The Pistons' current outlay next season for its eight veterans, including the newly signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, along with other monies like the $1.9 million that remains on its cap after waiving veteran center Fabricio Oberto and the first-round money due to Daye, is about $53.8 million. With the cap set for next year at $57.7 million, that only leaves a little less than $4 million if Detroit wanted to sign Davis to an offer sheet. But the Celtics would likely match such an offer.

If the Pistons decide not to offer a sheet to Davis, they will likely sign one or two veteran big men for the league minimum.

Detroit's latest move was only one on another busy offseason day.
I have no idea what the pistons are doing...they got charlie V...why go after Big baby....

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i'm not so sure these guys will even make the playoffs next year...
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I'm flabbergasted. They need to be making a pitch for Rasho. The Pistons are actually paying Kwame Brown money when they could be getting the same production from a plank of wood for free.
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i'm confused here...
wasnt the whole reasoning behind the AI/Billups trade to clear up money for this summer and go all crazy signing FA's and make them better?
CV and Gordon???
hahahahahaha, and now big baby???
this trade will go down as one of the worst ever.
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if they get davis...is he coming off the bench?.....even then...the smallest/spftest team ever?....stuckey/gordon/prince/CV/?
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