Own a piece of history
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landry fields forever

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Own a piece of history

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are bidding on perhaps the greatest Chicago Bulls shirt ever created. Perhaps the greatest vintage basketball shirt of all-time. One could even call it the greastest shirt of all time.

In the mid-1990s, the Chicago Bulls dominted the NBA. Clinton was President, and you could still print anything on a t-shirt. And while superstars like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen garnered the headlines and awards, the real heart and soul of those Bulls teams was not Jordan and Pippen -- it was the blue-collar, international trio of inside bangers affectionately known as the BANG GANG. Unfairly overlooked (so far) by the NBA Hall of Fame, the BANG GANG consisted of:

The Thunder From Down Under, Luc Longley;

the LumberJack, Canuck Bill Wennington; and

the Thinker, Vanderbilt's own Rhodes Scholar Will Perdue.

This shirt commemorates the legendary reign of the BANG GANG. Wennington in his bearded glory. Longley with his massively broad shoulders. And let's not forget Perdue, the man with the soft shooting touch, an even softer heart, but with a plastic face mask that was hard as steel when an opponent's elbow had the misfortune of making contact.

This shirt has been worn, but worn with love. Copyright Shirt Xplosion 1995. It is now time to find it another home. Some young baller needs this shirt. If you love hoops, this shirt is for you. If you are a big slow white guy, this shirt is for you. If you love the underdog, this shirt is for you. If you dig large Australians and bearded Canadians (we're not judging), this shirt is for you.

This shirt could be expected to fetchs hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a sports-themed auction. But you have one -- and only one -- chance to bid on it here and now on eBay.

Bid now. Bid high. Bid Long. Bid fast. Don't let this chance of a lifetime pass you by.


LINK - Ebay.com
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The current bid is $76 :|
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the gat'll killya quicker, when I'm drunk off the liquor

The Mara sisters are hot!
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A dyslexic person will think this is something dirty.
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HHAHA what a great salesman
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is pounding the rock! (Edit)

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I wonder how much my stuff from the inaugural Raptors season will be in a while lol.
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the anti BC lol

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76 bucks aint bad for that thats only like 3 bucks a foot if you added there height together.

Long live the Wennington fly in , really white man looking slams!
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