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Ball Don't Lie 11-14-2011 11:05 PM

This needed to be seperate from the lockout thread

David Boies, the attorney tapped to be one of the chief litigators on behalf of the players in what Billy Hunter said Monday could be imminent antitrust actions against the NBA, seemed unsure of the particulars of the players' potential case against owners, or even whether any lawsuits would ever be filed.

Boies also revealed that he had only been involved in the matter for "a few hours."

"As you can see, I have not been involved in this long enough to have formed a view of what, if anything, is appropriate to do from a legal standpoint," Boies said.

"[W]e're going to talk about what the right approach is," Boies said. "Maybe it's filing a lawsuit. Maybe it's not filing a lawsuit. We've got to figure out what the lawsuit would say if there is going to be a lawsuit. There's a lot that has to be worked out."

"And I think what the players are focusing on right now is what is the fastest way to get this resolved," Boies said. This too would appear to be inconsistent with Hunter's statements on Monday, which indicated a drawn-out legal process in which the season would very likely be sacrificed.

It is unclear what the substantive purpose of Monday's disclaimer of interest from the union would be if legal action against the owners is not commenced.

Read more: Players New Lawyer Not Committed To Litigation Unsure Legal Action Required - RealGM Wiretap

Lets get this straight, the players do this today, and obviously now threaten legal action, and their attorney, who was just signed on, has doubts that they may even sue.

They really had this planned out well. Really well thought through. What a fucking joke. What the hell was the point of today if they cant even sue? Theyre completely fucked.

LX 11-14-2011 11:55 PM

The point of today was trying to move forward with some leverage where there had been none for months. That was where they were fucked. Now there is a chance to actually get something done beyond just accepting the marching orders of the owners. Now they'll look at what that right approach is, in terms of gaining that leverage, and building upon it. Chances are what happens will have as much to do with the next time this shit rolls around as it does with the current shit.

Nobody said they can't sue, just that they haven't decided on it yet.

What I wonder is what was the point of the whole previous year. They all saw this coming, and it shouldn't have been delayed so long.

DanH 11-15-2011 08:51 AM

Today was a big mistake - why not let the players vote to dissolve the union? If they felt the union wasn't doing a good enough job, they would dissolve it. And then you could make your court case in San Francisco, where unions always win, instead of the New York courts, where they rarely do. Plus, you'd have those 45 days to actually negotiate and try to save the season. This move just makes it more likely we miss the season, without actually improving the players' chances at all.

All these legal things the players will eventually try would have been tried whichever way they decertified, so why play straight into the owners hands and decertify using the method attacked in the lawsuit the league filed months ago? If Hunter really told Stern he would do this if the players didn't get an offer they liked, as reasonable as that is, it is not a fair bargaining practice, and their lawsuits may just get thrown out of court on that basis alone.

Toby 11-16-2011 06:52 AM

I posted this link in the official lockout thread too

NBA players file antitrust lawsuits against league - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

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