NBA's Next Wave of Stars
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Default NBA's Next Wave of Stars

Agree or disagree guys?

I think they forgot one big future star in Durant. That kid is absolutely sick.

Originally Posted by The Sporting News
Acie Law, Al Horford and Marvin Williams: Three the hard way

Wouldn't it be nice if every team had a Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to hang its hat on? Actually, no, it wouldn't. Because then basketball fans would miss out on stories like the one developing in Atlanta, where 21-year-olds Horford and Williams and 22-year-old Law are laying the foundation for a team that could grow into a towering presence in the Eastern Conference for many seasons.

The playoffs are a possibility this season and a virtual certainty in 2009, by which time Atlanta -- an NBA dead zone in recent years -- may well have learned to love this game again. The hard-working Hawks are passionate, energetic and extremely athletic. It won't be all that long before they're kicking the Celtics to the curb.

5 others to watch

Andrew Bynum, Lakers. Catch his performance on Christmas Day? Just 28 points, 12 rebounds and a pair of blocked shots. Don't worry if you missed it, the 20-year-old will deliver plenty of repeat performances over the next decade or so.

Al Jefferson, Timberwolves. Sure, he's been around for a few years, but he's exploded this season as the Timberwolves go-to man. Already has nine games this year with at least 20 points and 15 rebounds.

Greg Oden, Blazers. Out of sight, out of mind? Just wait. Once he gets healthy, you'll remember what he's capable of.

Louis Williams, 76ers. The former McDonald's All American has always had the athleticism, but he's improving as a shooter and should develop into a sidekick for Andre Iguodala with a bit more seasoning.

Rajon Rondo, Celtics. He's been the ideal complement to Boston's big three. He took a lot of criticism for his poor shooting as a rookie, but he's upped his percentage from 41.8 to 52.9. If that lasts, he could be scary good.
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I like the list, I guess they arent including name guys like cp3 and Deron and Durant because they're already stars in a lot of peoples eyes already.

Louis Williams is SICK good. He's like Monta Ellis with more range, and Ellis should be on that list too.

Gotta love how Rondos playing lately as well, avging 15 over the last 6+ games shooting 58%. His game is a lot like TP's in that hes impossible to stop from the top of the key once he starts his dribble in.

The rest are pretty obvious, but I dont think Law will be a star(role player), and Williams and Horford wont be more than 3rd options on good teams IMO.
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isnt a franchise player and wont play much better then he is right noww..
-louis williams in my opinion wont be any better then a backup PG
-rajon rondo is crap and shoots a high fg cuz he always gets open thx to the big 3
- bynum : i see him avgs 18 pts 12 boards 2.5 bpg... awesome player
- Oden: extremely high-potential... who knows how good he will bee
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Marvin Williams is down right gooood!
he'll be a big name in a few years... young, athletic, good shooter.... give two more seasons under his belt and he'll be the best player on the hawks... and a premier swing man in the east.

Louis williams is a backup for life... i see him as a speedy claxton type.
he'll do good things as a secondary PG, but when he gets the chance to prove himself as a bonafide starter, he'll be mediocre at best.

Jefferson is actually disappointing me this season... i expected HUGE things this year, and while he's put together some good numbers, he's somewhat invisible during stretches of a game... and this on the worst team in the league... he has to own that paint and go out and get his team some wins. he just doesnt have that star quality or dominance to win the game. just like last year on the Celts, he'll put up decent number on a shit team.

Rondo should pray every night and thank god he gets to play with the big three.
if it wasnt for them, he'd be shooting like shit and no one would know his name.
i will give him credit though, he's played very well in his role and is improving by leaps and bounds... he may actually be a good player in the long run.

bynum will be a premiere Center in a few years... give him time and practice and kobe will regret every word he said about him... if he hasnt already.
one of the main reasons for their 18-10 start is the play in the middle.
Bynum has put up great numbers in the points, rebs, and especially blocks category... and these numbers will get better every year.
when the older PF's/centers in the west start regressing and retiring, Bynum will take over and be the dominant big man in that conference.

i wont say a word about Oden until i see him in an actual NBA game... ive seen him in college, but need to see him battle real men before i can critique him... funny thing is, he looks like he's older than most of the men in this league... his mug is downright scary... but the most interesting thing about the kid is his attitude, this kid will be HUGE because he'll work his ass off... he has his head firmly planted on his shoulders... portland should be proud.

that list needs Roy.
that kid is just plain good.
i dont know how he isnt on there.... he'll be an allstar very soon and never look back.
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