NBA's most foolish spenders
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Cool NBA's most foolish spenders

Ranking the NBA's Most Foolish Spenders | Bleacher Report

1. Brooklyn
2. New York
3. Chicago
4. Los Angeles
5. Washington
6. New Orleans
7. Memphis
8. Cleveland
9. Indiana
10. Milwaukee
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Memphis is foolish allright. They fired the best Coach in the NBA from last season.
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it's good to finally not be top 10 on a bad list
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Now I know why Bleacher Report is looked down upon.

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Indiana? What? That's the dumbest thing I've seen in awhile. How could they possibly be "foolish" when they are the BEST team in the league?! LOL what? huh
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payin Dwyane Wade

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Lol Indiana because of granger when he was badly hurt and cleveland because they had the 1st pick overall. but the Raptors aren't there. oh bleacher report...
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wheres TO?

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They call Chicago and Memphis 'foolish spenders' because of Marc Gasol and Rose contracts, of all things.

If it was because of Boozer and T-Prince contracts, that would be fair enough.

I guess if Durant gets injured, Bleacher Report will call them foolish for signing Durant.
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looking forward to Bargnani getting traded

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Just wondering because I haven't followed them at all this year, what's wrong with Memphis this year that they're doing so bad?
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