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Players are far more athletic in NBA than in Europe. Annulment of goaltending is a dangerous rule to introduce in NBA, because it will result in lots of injuries. Two or more players going for the ball at the same time easily gets hands caught in between the rim and the other players' hand. It's not a problem in Europe, but after a few broken hands and fingers NBA will vanquish this rule for good.
Also, this rule will increase the situations of most common in-game injury e.i. landing on other players' feet, rolling ankles.
Unfortunately, there'll be some players, whose careers derailed by this short lived rule, and they will be known for that! "He became a victim of that rule, remember?"

There are two different kinds of floppers: preemptive and reactive. SImple examples: D.Fisher - preemptive, C.Paul - reactive.
Preemptive flopping occurs during charges and if the refs miss it consistently, they shouldn't referee.
A warning and a subsequent suspension would cure it.
Reactive flopping is meant (by the player) to be seen, and the refs can punish players for it straight away.
The problem is sometimes players don't get legitimate fouls called and change their behaviour to attract refs' attention, and it seems to be the only way. And the situation gets very tricky, cause if the refs were good from the beginning most of the reactive flopping wouldn't occur. So, often, referees punish players with techs for their own mistakes. That's why you can give more freedom to the refs, but also a possibility to rescind techs. And if too many techs get rescinded, you should find better referees. (if fair better refereeing is what NBA wants)
and there lies the biggest problem. NBA thrives on superstars, and preferential treatment makes superstars more super! and makes the league more popular.
So while D.Rose taking five steps might raise some pedantic fans' eyebrows, it sure makes him look more unstoppable in the eyes of the wider public.

Travelling/carrying calls are so inconsistent, I'm not even gonna go there.

What NBA should introduce is .5 secs call rule. If a call is made more than half a second after its occurrence, there's no foul and it's "inadvertent whistle". So, basically, it would stop referees from thinking and just make them react. So hopefully all teams get as many and-ones as Lakers and Miami.
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well said moujik!
.5 sec call rule is the way to go. NBA should refresh their refs lines
look at NHL refs, they sure too miss calls but what a reaction!
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How about the refs just call the fucking game fairly according to the rules of the game. That should wipe out a ton of things....make the league more watchable too.
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Good example Bos@Phi game 6, players were hit, by the fouls weren't called. Now, were they LA teams, they'd be tons of reactive flopping. It seems as though Joey Crawford likes to wind people up by not calling blatant fouls, to be able to call techs.

Pierce did exaggerate contact late in the game, and the refs had no choice but call it. So, again poor refereeing is what forces players to resort to reactive flopping. Once this game starts up, it creates flopping habits in players, which leads to some players to fashion preemptive reactive flopping, regardless of referreeing

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