NBA looking at anti tanking rules
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Exclamation NBA looking at anti tanking rules

Under the plan the top seven teams in each conference would be seeded for the playoffs as they are now. Teams finishing 8-15 in each conference would play a three day single elimination tournament with the winner being awarded the 8th seed
SLAM ONLINE | NBA Adopting Anti-Tanking Rules?
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is getting to the line..

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I like it...

More ball
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Unacceptable?! Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!

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As far as I am concerned it is the stupidest idea in the world.

1) It makes the season even more worthless- Think about it, now we only need to know who the top 7 seeds are on each side. So that fight over the last remaining spot will likely be determined earlier.

2) There is no point in trying if you are 8th seed and below for the entire season. You may as well just concede games all over the place and rest guys because it doesn't matter anywasy.

3) I don't know how they are doing the draft order but either way it is ridiculous:

Scenario A) Pick is given to the team with the worst record regardless of tourney standing- Well if I'm not making the 7th seed I may as well tank the shit out of the season, even if I'm 8th, and make a run for that playoff spot while getting a great pick regardless.

Scenario B) Pick is given to the team who is last after the tourney- I have a garbage team but I get lucky and win that tourney. Because of ONE DAY of play, I now lose my good draft pick.

Conversely if I am 8th, I've had an injury or my team chokes for whatever reason, now I get the top pick and leave the teams that are actually worse with worse picks. This may happen during the regular season but because it is over a longer period of time and there are more games minor variables are less of an issue.

What is good about this? Other than one day with lots basketball?

We are trading in good regular season basketball with more parity for less parity and worse regular season games for a one day tournament? No thanks!

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we have too many games in a season already and this is a dumb idea
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thinking Stephen Harper has got to go.

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This rule still doesn't stop a team from tanking, but would probably end up penalizing legitimately horrible teams. Another example of suits with nothing to do and nothing between the ears to match.
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I swear I've seen this posted before.
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I ahve to. But this idea is fail
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worst idea ever... that would be horrible...
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I dont get it.

you tank the season then just tank the tourney no?
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not French.

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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
I dont get it.

you tank the season then just tank the tourney no?
Same thing I was thinking.

If they want less teams tanking, they should make every draft position 1-14 lottery rather than just the top 3 picks. The worst team of course still gets the best chance at the first pick but could also, by some stroke of incredibly bad luck, end up with the 14th pick.
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wanting harrison barnes

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dumb idea that makes no damn sense @ all.
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Craig Ferguson
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Bad idea, but it's encouraging that they're taking a second look at anti-tanking rules.
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lol they are so dumb just change the percentages on the draft like bottom 5 teams 15% next 5 5% next 5 1% numbers don't add up but u get the idea
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