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i like this move if i'm a bucks fan. their biggest problem has been their concentration of scoring from the back-court. with ridnour, you'll have a player who will utilize the pick and roll and get the ball into the hands of bogut down low. they have four players capable of scoring, all they need is a balance between them.

as for williams to the cavs, he hardly solves anything. he's gibson redux, even though he's still there. the cavs are making the mistake as the bucks previously did when they handed him that massive contract. he's a 6th man, not a starter, nor a point guard.

with lebron, you don't need a point guard but you need someone who can defend the position and handle the ball, what you don't want is someone who needs the ball and can't defend the position.
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I think that's pretty much the reasoning, over the last couple years with Mo and Redd in the backcourt they never took the time to distribute to Bogut. Now I assume they're looking for Sessions and Ridnour to be more pass-first PGs. Still think they could've gotten better value for Mo though.

What I don't get is how the RJ deal fits together with this, Milwaukee seems to have no clear direction at all. And giving away Mason too, a solid role player? Though in spite of their ineptness, if Sessions is legit, they could be a playoff team next year. Sessions/Redd/Jefferson/Villaneuva/Bogut... on paper I'd say they're as good as us or Washington actually. Of course the last couple years proved that group just doesn't mesh.
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what you don't want is someone who needs the ball and can't defend the position.
Williams doesnt need the ball. Hes more like a Terry than he is a primary ball handler like some of the other starting PGs in the league. The thing that seperates Mo from Gibson is his ball handling and his ability to hit shots off the dribble and make some good passes on the fly, playing with Lebron can only help his decision making, and his FG% especially.

And really, IMO, CLE's D is good enough to mask Mo's defensive deficiencies, even though I hate CLE more than basically any team, I think hes going to be a great fit.
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Originally Posted by Torontosaurus View Post
Actually I think good ball-handling PG on the Cavs would help James focus on other aspects of the game such as scoring and defense. Its too obvious who will have the ball in his hands at the end of every game.
are you suggesting that you wouldn't want the ball in lebron's hands at the end of every game?
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