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Originally Posted by DonMughal View Post
The Lakers whole starting lineup with the exception of Kobe isn't very valuable to trade with other teams.

C- Bynum: Fantastic when healthy, but really, that's a lot of the time only half a season and 3/4 of the playoffs.

PF- Gasol: Still very skilled, but is already in his thirties and has a lot of time and money on his contract. Hard for him to shed the "soft" label also.

SF- Artest: Not as good as a defender as he used to be. Not even close as good on offence as he used to be. Basically useless on offence by chucking threes with an occasional drive. Also in his thirties.

PG- Fisher: Not usefull at all on the offensive end besides a few clutch shots here and there. Probably wouldn't start on any other team. Really getting up there in age aswell.

Odom- Same thing as Gasol. However, his contract will expire soon. Somewhat valuable.

Really, the only valuable players they have as trade bait are Shannon Brown and arguably Bynum.
That's my favorite part of this whole situation. No where to go but to the shitters for the lake show
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Don't forget L.A. is one of the few "big market" that can attract the players they want.
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1st off, the Mavericks swept that series fair & square.

W/this in mind, I've seen plenty of Pau Gasol hate on the web even though it's difficult to get two 7' post players (he and Andrew, of course) rolling offensively at the same time while still keeping Kobe as a primary (and its foolish for anyone to think that Pau, or anyone nowadays, should've been able to stop Dirk one-on-one), and I feel it overlooks the Lakers true weakest link: Why are people hardly complaining about how truly bad Derrick Fisher is? I've watched him his whole career, and he's a fuckin mockery of the NBA game. He's the most presumptuous flopper I've ever seen, and he's got a psuedo tough guy image which comes out in fights that *he* starts, and is only taken (somewhat) seriously because he's been flanking Kobe his whole career - and his career has only gotten a 2nd life w/the Lakers due to how atrociously bad Smush Parker was before him, thus souring Kobe big time to the point that he felt he needed Derrick!

Derrick does nothing of substance defensively, other than flop; made no series or in-game adjustments to break the Mavericks perimeter rhythm (not taking anything away from Jason Terry, but you figure the Lakers elder statesman would've figured to show Jason different coverages after he hit 8 trey's in a first half! BTW Vince did it better - did it best actually, what with an entire defense tryna stop him in gm3 vs. the 76ers 10yrs ago....those 76ers were the best defensive team in the league too); doesn't create any offense; has only lasted these past 3yrs due to being able to coast during the regular season due to Kobe's greatness (and it's now finally bit them in the ass; get Kobe some real help ie- Steve Blake n Shannon Brown gettin more burn!); and now doesn't even hit timely shots when he's open! And w/the way how Lamar Odom, Ron Artest & Andrew Bynum imploded during the series, Derrick's veteran leadership is of no substance as well (unless you consider that Robert Horry was a true champion as well w/his thuggish plays complimenting the big shots he's hit - Robert and those guys are the only defending champions I've ever seen react so unsportsmanlike); and the fact that the NBA is showing the same old labour issues as usual for the past 16yrs shows he's not much of a president for the NBA-PA as well - this even if the issues displayed for the public are a simple smokescreen for what's really goin on behind the scenes: it's not good for the fans.

/Thanks for listening . Dallas was great though. I feel the Lakers would've put up a better fight if Derrick wasn't playing and Steve & Shannon got all the burn at point guard (w/Shannon & Matt backing up Kobe & Ron on the wings), but the Mavericks were winning that series anyways - possibly in 5 or 6 gms instead of a sweep.

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In another thread i said for people to watch out because texas was gonna win the Championship. I never figured San Antonio to be beat so easily, but i knew dallas was gonna be tops.
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