How bout those Grizzlies?
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How bout those Grizzlies?

Wow...right now they're on a roll

They reached 500 faster that the raps

But seriously Randolph has kept his attitude in check it seems and they got a great young unless Tinsley or Randolph or anyone else for that matter start some nonsense or get injured this team should remain in the fight for the 8th seed. (although unlikely with OKL, Utah, etc)

Who y'all thnk gonna get the 8th spot in the west?
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They got rid of Iverson and it started working. Theyve figured out how to play together, something a lot of people, including myself, didnt think would happen. Theyve got a powerful starting 5, but the key is once Gay leaves this offseason, how theyre gonna fill the starting SF spot with a player who isnt a scorer and can do the little things to help the team win.

That and they need to shore up their bench. Tinsleys worked out well for them and Young has progressed very nicely, but they have no frontcourt depth and eventually Z Bo and Gasol will get tired or get into foul trouble then theyre screwed unless Thabeet develops quicker than expected. After those 7 and POSSIBLY Thabeet theres nothing there though.

They have a good future if they can build the bench properly and Mayo develops into an upper tier type player. I still dont think Conley is going to ever flourish there though, thats something theyre also gonna have to look at hard when his contract is up.
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Move them back!!..pleaaaaaase
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Ive just noticed how well theyre doing. I remember watching them beat the Raptors earlier this season and I was shocked at how much better they are than us. Their starting lineup seems to be one of the best in the leagues right now. We all knew that Mayo, Gay, and Randolph were legit NBA players but now that Conley and Gasol are coming around they are playing really well. Their bench is the only weak spot. I really hate that ugly dude with the dreadlocks who played for Missouri. But Thabeet has been really coming around and I think he will turn in a really good center. They will pbly have to make a decision on whose their starting center in the future because I can see Thabeet and Gasol being top 5 centers in the future.

Anyways too bad they arent in Vancouver anymore because I know we would be super excited here on the west coast for this young team. People would actually come to their games as well. Same thing as the Sonics, watching them do well in OKC drives me nuts. The closest place for us to watch an NBA game is Portland and I absolutely hate their team.
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okc their the best youngest and well rounded team in the league
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Sad they moved from Vancouver, a city with the olympics and a huge fan base to some town where the largest mall is probably the 3 store plaza with KFC and a gun shop.

GJ Stern, keep moving teams away from cities and move it to local villages in the states.
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ye.. there needs to be more teams in the North West...first they take Vancouver... then seattle....i think only portland is the only true north west coast team
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What about Thabeet. What a joke haha.
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