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Originally Posted by Ex2k View Post
They should move to Seattle..
with what arena?
I thought thats why left cause they dont have an adequate arena
like Sacramento now
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hopefully we use our draft pick this year, let's not miss out this years Rodney hood

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NHL is ridiculous they could've had Oklahoma City or Kansas City, they both wanted NHL teams a few years back until they realized they could get a NBA team

both cities are decent hockey markets epecially Oklahoma, there better off there then Phoenex and Atlanta

The only legit NBA cities in the States that is left, is Kansas City and Vegas, there the only two that are NBA ready, and the only team that is allowed in Vegas are the Kings, the Maloofs would not let anyone move into there city, you could argue St Louis but there is a real danger that it might turn in a memphis type situaton, the Rams might leave town so how legit is that if they can't hold down 8 games in the NFL

Seattle won't be ready for a long time, they have to build a Arena, and cleary no one in seattle wants to pay for it, thats a huge reason why they were sold and moved,

Vancouver is the only other legit market with a ready made top of the line building for basketball in Rogers Arena, not to mention the economics make more sense now then back then Vancouver was first awarded the Grizz

if any owner wants to make barrels of cash Vancouver would be the no 1 pick, I'm sure someone will eventually realize this in the next decade and bring a team back

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the next dictator of MLSE

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Baltimore is a possibility, if they ever get an arena
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I think Vancouver is a good idea. Gives us a Canadian rival and Stern has repeatedly said that losing Vancouver was one of his biggest regrets during his time as commissioner and even Michael Heisley says that Vancouver could've worked had circumstances been different. Well, circumstances are different now and the Canadian dollar is on par with the American and the NBA will have a more owner, small market friendly cba when it's all said and done.

Plus, there aren't a lot of viable options...

1) Kansas City-They have the building but not a lot of NBA interest and with the building already profitable, they may not want to risk a pro team taking away concert dates which make the arena profitable.

2) San Jose-Warriors will put up a fight and Stern doesn't want to anger the new ownership group.

3) Anaheim-See above only you're now angering 2 different ownership groups with the Clips and Lakers.

4) Las Vegas-No arena and plans for a new arena were scrapped by city council in March.

5) Seattle-No arena yet although if it happens, they move to the top.

It looks to me like Vancouver is in the lead.
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Stern can't own this league. He can run it, but he can't own it. FU Stern

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