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Default HAHA An interView With Rod Benson

Because people love reading interesting posts, and because Rodrique Benson is the most interesting man in the world, RU would like to bring you the official late-summers-eve interview with Rod Benson, aka Boom Tho. If you don't know who Rodrique Benson is, then I am disappointed in you.

After a great career at University of California, Rod Benson has played for the Austin Toros, Dakota Wizards, and the Reno Bighorns in the NBA Developmental League, and also played for French Pro-A team SLUC Nancy. Which is a team named after a chick named Nancy. Rod is also very well known for his blogging on both his personal website Too Much Rod Benson and for Yahoo's Sports blog Ball Don't Lie.

Aside from that, Rod's just a cool guy. So rather than sling a bunch of cliche questions at him, we're going a little off the wall. In this interview you're going to see a side of Rod Benson that no one else has seen before, other than his friends who pee on each other.

Hit the J-U-M-P for the Boom-Tho-ness.

Are you ready for an interview?

Rod's ready!!!

Aisander D: So recently you released a mixtape of the flyest rap tunes I've ever heard (yes I'm from the mid-90's). But I have one question, what is the weirdest phrase you have rapped in a song? If I had to guess, that lyric would be: "A shout out to all my bloggers man.....You know what I'm saying, you can't forget SCOTT SCHROEDER."

Boom Tho: Naww man, Scott's legit! I had to do something to help him out since I used to take his money in games of Madden 08. I would pretty much say that any lyric in "Anything Is Possible" would qualify as weird. "I'll rotate the tires of a man I don't admire..." Weirdness all day.

AD: A follow up question on your jams. You seem to have a lot of anger towards Europeans, Soccer, and guys named Robert; are you really a seething cauldron underneath your placid exterior? And are you a big fan of Stain'd and Drowning Pool?

Boom Tho: When I was in Bismarck for part of this last season, Carlos English would go around hating on things (to be funny). He would rap about the things he hated. I got the idea from him. Soccer and Robert aren't that bad, but they sure do rhyme and I've never been good at soccer. That angers me.

AD: Someone told me you like to order a "Verginer" from diners. Why do I find that name strangely appetizing, and what the hell is it? Also, is it in anyway related to this guy Verginer Willy ?

Boom Tho: Another weird lyric from "Anything Is Possible." I took a big pee in the middle of PE at USC and Reggie Bush saw me, so I had to run to a diner and order him vaginer. It was the only way, man.

AD: What's the worst pregame meal? Is it the Vaginer?

Boom Tho: Almost every meal I ate in France while on the road was the worst. Hard bread, boiled eggs, and bubbly water doesn't seem like a healthy pre-game combination.

AD: Who has the best bald head in basketball besides MJ?

Boom Tho: Since I'm not attracted to men, I don't stare at many men's heads. I will say that any bald head that helps the player perform better has got to be helpful. I'd say that Chauncey Billups would probably be slowed by braids, so I'll give him the nod.

AD: What's the worst motivational speech or ploy you've ever heard (use pseudonyms if need be)?

Boom Tho: We had just won and were playing the same team the next night. My coach, who will remain nameless, said this: "That game was like sleeping with your sister. Yea, it was good, but not as good as it should have been." True story. I've never seen more confused faces.

AD: If you were my tour guide, what are the three places you would take me in Bismarck, ND? Would one of them be the Dacotah Raceway?

Boom Tho: Dang, maybe you should be MY tour guide. I assume we would visit BOTH Wal-Marts, since they are on opposite sides of town. That would allow you to see almost everything. Then we'd go to the Zoo. I'm pretty sure there aren't any animals, though.

When Rod and I hang out, we're going to the speedway!

AD: If we're taking a trip to BOTH Wal-marts in the Bis, then what are we buying while we're there?

Boom Tho: 2 of everything. Noah's ark style

AD: What are your favorite NBDL cities to visit?

Boom Tho: In order: Austin, Austin, and Austin.

AD: What do you think of Claw Force One, the Maine Red Claws van? Given the choice of either driving around in your Benz, or this tight-ass van with a giant lobster on it, which would you choose?

Boom Tho: I'm gonna have to go with my whip, but if I had to make a play, I'd drive the Mystery Machine. No, not the Scooby Doo special, but the 10 passenger van in Bismarck. That baby has heart. (Ed. Note: Can be seen HERE at the 2:20 mark, what a POS).

AD: Okay, now for a couple semi-serious questions, you know, like a real interview. You have played in a lot of different situations both here in the States and abroad. How would you compare life as a D-League player to that of a European player? What was the D-League like for you?

Boom Tho: In the D-League, nobody is ever comfortable. The feeling is always around you that there is more out there. Even the guys who are successful don't want to linger.

In Europe, people have lives, families, and careers all in the same town or country. The players are much more comfortable in almost every way. The team dynamics mimic that of NBA teams due to multi-year deals, fan support and following. It puts more pressure on every game, but provides more glory for the champions.

AD: Do you think playing in the D-League brought you more attention from NBA scouts, about the same amount, or less than before you joined the D-League?

Boom Tho: I'd say I was on a few radars, on a minor level, before the D-League. The thing about it was, after leading Cal in scoring and rebounding my Jr year, I got injured and basically erased all my hype. Hype is everything when it comes to attention from scouts. You may not get signed on hype, but you'll get looked at. I had to reclaim my hype in the D-League.

AD: Just about the entire universe is aware that you are an internet sensation. Simply put, you are a fun, intelligent, and charismatic player to follow both as a professional athlete and as a human being. Your blog, youtube videos, and guest spots on multiple sports sites are widely followed. Where do you see your career as a blogger/writer/storyteller going from here and after you finish playing? (No I am not hitting on you).

Boom Tho: I'm glad you're not hitting on me. I hope you weren't expecting me to say "It's going out to dinner and a movie." Seriously, though, I don't have a clear cut answer. Everything I do now I do for fun. I just have a lot of fun and the consequence is that people want to have fun with me. As my skills diminish and my goals change, I hope to be able to still have fun for a living, but there are only a few people on earth who can say that. Who knows if I'll be able to achieve that.

Just to clear things up, Rod and I will not be sharing a candle lit dinner after our slow cruise in his van.

AD: I meant to ask you about Bill Neff, how much is he the bomb? On a scale of 1-10 perhaps?

Boom Tho: Haha. He's an agent. I haven't dealt with anyone else so I have no frame of reference. Still, he's a funny guy. On a scale of 1-10 I would call him "X."

AD: You do a great job of meshing your professional life and your personal life in your stories on TMRB.com. How did you get introduced to the idea of blogging about your personal experiences as an athlete? And how do you think the medium changed since you've started writing?

Boom Tho: Well, unlike most, I was never asked, referred, or recruited to blog. I actually dispised the word "blog." Back then (three years ago) all I knew about a blog was that some track athlete at Cal wrote one called "Why I Hate Rod Benson." I didn't want to be like him. I figured that if I had a whole site with pictures, videos, music, and stories, that I would be considered to have a whole website. Still, it's called a blog, coddammit.

I started it purely out of boredom and to communicate with my friends while I was away from the Bay Area. What you see now is the same thing. Write for the people who want to read it and I do it my way. I spent the last month (when not training) making a mixtape just because I thought it would be fun. That's how I roll.

AD: What upcoming event in your life are you most excited about?

Boom Tho: My first game this next season, wherever that may be, and my first paycheck there too.

AD: Any hints on where this next season may take you? Will be back in the D? In the NBA?

Boom Tho: Not lookin to do the D-League unless it's out of necessity, in transition. For me it's either training camp or get the money overseas.

AD: One last question, because you are a busy man with a life full of beautiful women and extravagant journeys. What has been your absolute favorite experience as a professional athlete to date? Was it a particular game, another player, or just a personal happenstance that led to something interesting?

Boom Tho: I still think that playing first base in a softball game at the old Yankee Stadium with J. Kidd at second and V.C. in center field while wearing my custom "Nets" softball jersey was unbelievable. Even if I had spent my entire career in the NBA, I appreciate the significance of that moment.

why would a coach say that or anyone for that matter?

An Interview With Rod Benson....And BOOM goes the dynamite! - Ridiculous Upside
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