Griffin monitoring Sterling's actions
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Griffin monitoring Sterling's actions

There's little evidence to refute the notion that Donald Sterling is a disgrace as an NBA owner. Aside from presiding over a perennially inept franchise kept on a shoestring budget despite the resources of a major market, the Donald once again has been cast in a despicable light by revelations that Clippers players paid for then-assistant coach Kim Hughes' prostate cancer surgery in 2004 because the team-sponsored insurance policy wouldn't. None of that, nor Sterling's well-chronicled settlement of a housing discrimination lawsuit or former general manager Elgin Baylor's racial discrimination lawsuit against him, has compelled NBA commissioner David Stern to take action. (Subsequently, Sterling won a housing lawsuit over refusing to accept a Section 8 voucher as rent payment from an elderly widow.) But if Sterling's reign of incompetence and downright meanness continues, there is perhaps one outcome that finally could build enough momentum to overturn, or at least rein in, his dictatorship. Sources say rookie sensation Blake Griffin is closely monitoring Sterling's struggles and is concerned, to say the least, about the owner's unfortunate string of public embarrassments. Under current NBA rules, players on rookie contracts have little power to influence where they play. And from the standpoint of talent and assets, the Clippers are on excellent footing going forward. But Griffin will not be tied to the Clippers forever, and there are indications he will consider not only the Clippers' ability to compete for a championship, but also the kind of owner he wants to play for when he becomes eligible (under current rules, anyway) for an extension on July 1, 2012. Would alienating the most promising player in franchise history be grounds for Sterling to finally be held accountable? The Clippers, still 15 months away from Griffin's extension eligibility, are said to be losing no sleep over the matter for now. But at some point soon, they should.
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He should leave the Clippers, they will never be a contender.
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Originally Posted by Don Vito View Post
He should leave the Clippers, they will never be a contender.
They have a couple other nice pieces in Gordon, Bledsoe, Aminu and maybe even Jordan. If they open up some cap room they could easily sign a big name, because the team is in LA.
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their team has more potential than ours..
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their team has more potential than ours..
LMAO that isnt really saying much
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