Great Article on Derrick Rose
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Great Article on Derrick Rose

Awesome read on a guy that's become my favourite player in the league.

killer was born in a game of cutthroat. Derrick Rose plays it on summer nights, often after 1 a.m., when he is too restless to sleep. "Let's go shoot," he tells his three roommates, who then know they will not be sleeping either. They pile into Rose's Ford pickup, take a 10-minute ride to the Bulls' practice facility and unlock the door to the court, where they remain until dawn.

The version of cutthroat Rose plays goes like this: Two players. Whoever has the ball starts at the top of the key, gets a maximum of three dribbles and must score to retain possession. First to 10 wins. Rose usually prevails, but his roommates—Tim Flowers, Randall Hampton and Bryant Orange—are no pushovers. They were Rose's teammates at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago, and he uses moves on them that he was reluctant to show opposing NBA point guards such as Deron Williams and Chris Paul. One night last summer Rose was teasing his roomies with step-back three-pointers and 20-foot fadeaways while tossing in some uncharacteristic verbal shots. The guys endured his boasts for a while before one barked, "Why don't you ever do this stuff in real games?"
Read more: By discovering a Jordanesque killer - 03.07.11 - SI Vault
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that game sounds hard.
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jordanesque killer? shorten it to j-killer, and then slang it up to j-killa and you've got kapono droppin jimmies like he's jammin with his johnnies...
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