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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
So they pretty much have the same team that can't get out of the first round of the playoffs,three years running.Dumb move.They should have let him go,keep Jamison and Butler and add a pass first PG and maybe another scorer and they could have been more balanced. I don't think Gilbert will be the same player but he will demand the same touches.So as the team is currently constructed won't go far in the playoffs IMO.
Not a bad idea except Arenas wanted to be with Jamison so I could only imagine how that would work out.

Wizards are gonna finish with the same record this year, if anything, worse.
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They've never been all together & healthy at the same time... except for when they were.... what was that again?... ON TOP OF THE EAST!!! It only make sense to keep this threesome together, but they need to stay healthy
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this is a bad signing the wiz payed so much for one guy, that had a injury last year and missed most of last season, and that didnt show how he deserved this masive contract with the lack of games played.
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why spend 111 million on GA when you could get Calderon for 50 million and a solid player along with him like Corey Maggete for another 50 million
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if he really cared about his team he would take 6 years worth 90 million
thats the most fair deal i can think of
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what can he not do with 40 million for his family that he cant with 111? What a joke...are we supposed to think "what a nice, caring , great team player?". haha

I mean i give kudos in the sense that not many players would take a "cut" but to think we should care...i dont.
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