Gabe Muoneke's blog - Must read
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Default Gabe Muoneke's blog - Must read

This is a great read. It gives you a taste for what's really going on overseas and in the end gives you an interesting take on what LeBron or Kobe or whoever at the top may do in the years to come.

Let me break down a possible scenario right now for you. Not knowing will cost everyone who doesn’t know. LeBron seems to me as someone who knows more than most of us. So I don’t see him losing a penny. How many billionaire owners are in the NBA? Now. How many are in just Russia that just don’t give a damn about money? Fine. LeBron might not really take a deal worth $50 million a year but the mistake he made was giving out the number because now I will bet you there are at least 6 teams preparing their portfolio to present that exact number to LeBron next summer. OK. What if LeBron asked for $40 million in advance and $1 million a month, a private jet, house on the French Riviera and stock options in the owners TV company after his company gets the TV rights to all Euroleague games LeBron plays in? He’d get it. So let me get this straight… The most he can sign for in the NBA is about 6 years, $120million? So that’s what? $60 million over 6 years after taxes approximately? He can make basically that in one year net living as a king in some paradise and then make even more off his comeback to the NBA after one year in Athens, Barcelona or Moscow? And he’s 24. He wouldn’t do that? None of the aforementioned basketball juggernauts would do that? OK. If you say so.
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If I was him and I got that deal for one-year I'd take, go there play a year and either come back if I don't like it there or stay there for that type of money again
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