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The inability of all the current free agent stars to grow greatness in this game, is more an indictment of the state of the league, than of those individual players. They’ve all been asked to be Jack Bauer, but the casts around them has more closely resembled Agent Cooper’s. And now they are supposedly looking to hook up like various Scully and Mulders. Have they had talent around them? Yes - without a doubt. But the talent has not been well-tested, entirely proven in its mettle, nor shown to be capable of rising to the greatness that could further the greatness that lies within the Lebrons and Dirks and Wades and Boshes. It’s something that needs to spread across whole teams to some extent. Maybe the pairing up that could go on with this class of free agents will allow that to happen more than it has recently. I just wonder if there will be the correct point of emphasis - to make sure some of the greatness works its way down to the eighth or ninth man of the rotation.

I suspect much will get made of who is Scully and who is Mulder in the matching that might occur - that the emphasis will be entirely misplaced on stuff that does not matter to the game as a competitive engagement. I fear that the trend of mental weakness, non-accountability, and whole teams shrinking in the face of adversity will grow more than any trend toward expanding greatness. In other words, fewer competitive games when we need to see them the most. How long are fans going to settle for the empty myth of a Jack Bauer getting the job done in an instant, before realizing that there must be a demand for a league-wide culture, requiring a real longview that aspires to games that are larger than life, far above and beyond the call of superstars to fill highlight reels? This fan is pleading for the game to be put ahead of the business side of the league. The business end of the NBA will take care of itself as long as the game is tended to: the reverse is not true, unless talent that need not prove its greatness, or even have that opportunity, is enough for us all to identify ourselves as fans of the game, instead of just fans of a bunch of various personalities that are not asked to aspire to much more than just being personalities. If a bespectacled Dwight Howard playing his own goofy version of Clark Kent while interviewing himself about his “Superman” persona is enough to make up for the heartless asses that showed up on the court wearing Magic jerseys, then I will be proven wrong.
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