Fifty Notes from the Sloan Conference
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Default Fifty Notes from the Sloan Conference

Give this piece a read. Some interesting thoughts in there.

4. Should we be taking advanced statistics with a grain of salt? For what it’s worth, Van Gundy takes them with a boulder. “I don’t trust most of it,” he said of analytics. “I read some of the stuff that people write on and stats on pick-and-roll defense and stuff that came off or somewhere else. I don’t know who is recording that information. … A lot of pick-and-rolls are designed to score and then there’s pick-and-rolls you’re running to get into something else. If you’re recording it and treating those two things the same then you don’t know what you’re doing.
9. Van Gundy floated a theory that was so intriguing it terrified me. When discussing why we’ve seen so many knee injuries in recent years to some of the NBA’s most athletic players (Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin), SVG theorized, “It’s all the pick-and-roll. A lot of the guys who are getting hurt are the guys who are attacking.” With players bigger, faster, stronger and more athletic than ever, Van Gundy said players might be putting too much of a “load” on their knees to handle when they jump to change direction.

“Derrick Rose might be too explosive for his own good,” he said, putting a frown on everyone within earshot.
10. The NBA Draft Wheel is picking up steam. The innovative replacement for the current lottery system was first relayed to the public via Grantland back in December, but was further discussed in an open forum during Friday’s basketball analytics panel. The creator of the idea, Celtics GM Mike Zarren, broke down the idea, which essentially boils down to each of the 30 NBA teams getting each of the 30 first-round picks once every 30 years.

Rather than reward teams for tanking (the worst team in the NBA currently has the best shot at getting the draft’s best asset), the Draft Wheel (which is not random, but rather strategically organized to perfectly even out everyone’s selections) would seek to eliminate “the perception that teams should be losing,” Zarren said. Draft picks would not be related to record and the system would ensure that every team gets a top-6 pick every five years and a top-3 pick every 10.

With Adam Silver, the NBA’s new commissioner known for his embracement of innovation, we could be hearing more about the Draft Wheel — or other spin-offs — soon.

“We’ve continued to tinker with (the lottery) because we are, by definition (concerned). That’s why we have a draft lottery. Because we’re concerned about those disincentives to win.”
Fifty NBA notes, quotes and anecdotes from the 2014 Sloan conference | The Point Forward -
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14. Nate Silver on why sports are better than politics: “You can be full of s— for a long time and there are no corrections.”
Nice one.
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