Ewing Back to NY?
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Ewing Back to NY?

Patrick Ewing might be back in NY as Knicks' assistant

Friday, May 16th 2008, 12:52 AM

Mike D'Antoni might make Patrick Ewing (below) one of his assistants.

Maybe this will be the year that Patrick Ewing finally returns to New York.

Mike D'Antoni said Thursday that he would consider hiring the Knicks' Hall of Fame center as one of his assistant coaches.

"I know what he did in New York and I know that he's done a good job since he left," D'Antoni said. "He will definitely be considered."

D'Antoni is in the early stages of putting together his staff, which is expected to include his brother, Dan. The status of two of D'Antoni's other assistants from Phoenix, Alvin Gentry and Phil Weber, is uncertain. Both are still under contract with the Suns, which could prevent one or both from joining the Knicks.

Herb Williams, who shares an agent with D'Antoni, likely will remain on the Knicks' bench while Dave Hanners is expected to be reunited with Larry Brown in Charlotte. Mark Aguirre and George Glymph, who were both hired by Isiah Thomas, are not likely to return.

Aguirre trained almost exclusively with the big men - Earl Monroe recently said he did a "great job" with Eddy Curry - and Ewing could potentially fill that same role. Ewing has worked for the Wizards, Rockets and NBA TV since retiring, and just completed his first season as an assistant with the Orlando Magic.

Although Ewing doesn't want to be labeled as a big men's coach, he has worked closely with Yao Ming and Dwight Howard, the latter of whom enjoyed his best season in the league before Orlando was knocked out of the playoffs by the Pistons. Ewing is under contract, but the Magic would not prevent him from rejoining the franchise that he led to the NBA Finals in 1994 and 1999.

Hiring a coaching staff is one of many chores D'Antoni has on his to-do list. He returned home to Scottsdale, Ariz., on Wednesday but will be back in New York on Monday to represent the organization at the NBA draft lottery the following night.

D'Antoni will be involved in the workouts for potential draft picks and undrafted free agents and will attend the pre-draft camp in Orlando. He'll also be house-hunting before spending five weeks with the Olympic team as an assistant coach.

"Other than that I don't have much else going on," D'Antoni said over the phone.

D'Antoni dismissed the notion that coaching the Knicks wasn't his first choice. Chicago Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said on Tuesday that D'Antoni had informed him that he didn't want to coach the Knicks.

"In my gut, this is where I wanted to be," D'Antoni said. "I listened to what everyone was saying and I knew that New York was where I wanted to be."

The new Knicks coach says he has been both excited and overwhelmed since signing a contract on Monday. He was surprised to see his picture on both the front and back pages of Wednesday's Daily News, saying, "I want to stay off the front page."

Mostly, D'Antoni says he left New York feeling reenergized by the fans, the organization and even the media.

"Really, everyone has a desire to get this thing back on the right track," he added. "That's one of the big reasons why I came here. Being in Italy all those years and Italian fans and media have so much passion for their teams. Right or wrong, they have passion. It's the same with New York. You can't find that energy anywhere else."

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Picca71 May 16, 2008 6:32:53 AM Report Offensive Post
Finally, bring back Pat and maybe Oak also, so this team will revamp again. They will bring energy, strong attitude and lot of intensity. And most of all, they are newyorker!! People love them! And at the end, get Jerry West as GM. With this structure, we won't wait long time to be competitive for the title again.

Frank NJ May 16, 2008 6:56:40 AM Report Offensive Post
Yes, it would be about time. Monroe said that Aquirre did a great job with Curry?

grsshpp16 May 16, 2008 7:36:33 AM Report Offensive Post
This is an obvious case of nepotism. Hiring your brother who was nothing more than a High School Coach . . . a no name high school coach for that matter . . . over picking people who should be around like Mark Jackson, Ewing, or Herb Williams.
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D'antoni is making one good descion if he decides to bring in ewing...

he did an amazing job with dwight this year.
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you know... the thing with the Knicks is if they ever get their roster straightened out and hire a viable GM who actually knows how to do the job, then they can be scary good. with the amount of money the knicks can spend over the cap, they can be a crazy good force in this league.
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well we will see what happens....like i said before i think next year our division will be toughest division in our conference...you might even see 4 teams in our division making the playoffs....
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