Endorsement Income
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Default Endorsement Income

When it comes to endorsements, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant cannot be beat. Not just in the basketball world, either: by themselves, the two NBA superstars dominate all baseball stars in that department.

According to a Forbes report, the two most profitable individual athletes in 2013, based on endorsements, were James and Bryant. And each of them made more money in endorsements than the top 10 earners in Major League Baseball, combined.

The top 10 NFL earners combined to make more money than either James or Bryant, which makes sense, given the overwhelming popularity of football over any other sport. But James and Bryant making the most of any individual athlete also makes sense.

Because of the nature of NBA basketball — there are only 10 players on the court at any one time, and they wear sleeveless jerseys and shorts — their individual faces can often be more recognizable than athletes in other sports. Football players are covered in pads and helmets — you can only tell the difference between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning based on the numbers and colors of their uniforms. But James’ hairline, James Harden’s beard and Anthony Davis’ unibrow are all distinguishing physical features that are immediately recognizable when they take the court.

Between James’ high-profile ad campaigns with Nike and Samsung and Bryant’s popularity in China, it’s tough to beat their earning power all over the world.
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Many NBA players can thank Jordan for the fact that Nike etc. offer the top stars a percentage of the sales on the shoes, cause Jordan still makes 80 million a year on his shoe deal

James, Bryant and KD all get a percent of each show sold, which adds up to huge money
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