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Originally Posted by rapsmannn View Post
if vince Carter lead us to the finals the year Iverson went then maybe I would be a little choked when garbo has his number 15

but Carter didn't and his time with the Raptors wasn't long enough to warrant another player from wearing his number

i'm still on the fence about retiring carters number, its to bad we didn't sign him a couple years back let him play a couple of seasons here then for sure no doubt would have solidified his place

to bad babs didn't have any stones and just forced the guy to play as a raptor and finish his obligation to his contract, maybe he would have stayed seeing the development of chris Bosh and instead of losing to the nets maybe we would have won that series

also Carter in his later years has seem to figure out how to take care of his body and extend his career, also another interesting thing about Carter is he scored more than half of his career points with other teams
I always thought the retiring of a number takes place AFTER a player calls it quits, not during his playing days. Often it takes a year (or five) before a number gets retired and I think that's the proper way to do it. That's why I never understood the commotion surrounding Garbo. Howard's latest complaints only add to his arrogance...

On a side note, I wonder if the Lakers will retire both #8 and #24//

I get why people don't like howard because doesn't see to be serious like kobe or arrogant but take into account he lead his team to the finals with turkoglu as the second star of the team which the Raptors found out how terrible he really was
Turkoglu owes a lot to Howard but he wasn't a bad player by any means. His problems had more to do with motivation IMHO.

now lets look at what the magic built around him during the time he left, not much if anything

so next step is he gets traded to the lakers where he plays out the whole season with a injured back, still criticized, kobe being his usual asshole self acting like a jerk to howard, only guys to ever really get along well with kobe ron artest because he is crazy in a good way and pau gasol probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet if you read his usually pretty cheery twitter pagep
Him playing with an injured back probably had as much to do with his contract situation and the enormous expectations that where surrounding that team. Not because he's a genuinely good guy... Kobe is probably an okay dude to play with as long as you bring it every night, and perhaps Howard didn't have the same hunger as Kobe had but liked clowning around in the spotlight a little better..

final step as a unrestricted free agent where he finally earns the right to decide where he gets to play he picks Houston where the beard is becoming a top 5 player and kobe himself is aging quickly

press leaks another story that was untrue and makes him look like he is still flip flopping more hate goes at this dude

I do admit he is arrogant but let us not forget this guy has broken the law or done something bad, he was just playing the game and laker fans and its millions of fans and media members all over epsn trashed this guy because that's what there paid to do create drama where there is none
Well Durant plays the same game as Howard but somehow is never surrounded by drama like this. Howard chose to be a clowning attention whore, stole the whole Superman act from Shaq and honestly, he hasn't had enough success on the court for someone with his physique and skillset... (individual success maybe but team succes no way....). He could've done a lot better if he'd had the focus that Kobe has...

I can agree with you that Howard get's a lot of hate, maybe too much but the league has always tried to promote him as a good, funny dude and yet he always manages to screw it up with interviews like this...

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At least he was part of a trade. He didn't just bail out on the Magic. He should be respected for that. But talking about his jersey being retired in Orlando, while he is still playing for another team is total horn swaggle.
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Originally Posted by ZanTheMan View Post
I always thought the retiring of a number takes place AFTER a player calls it quits, not during his playing days.
Unless you are as completely out of touch with reality and as arrogant as Dwight Howard. One day he's going to wake up and find there is nobody there and he doesn't have a friend in the world. What true friend would let a guy continue to act this way without giving him a heads up.
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Originally Posted by ZanTheMan View Post
Well Durant plays the same game as Howard.
I take offence to that. KD is like the TD of SFs (personality wise, etc.).
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