Denham Brown Shuns Team Canada
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Thumbs down Denham Brown Shuns Team Canada

Ah well, anyone really think Brown was a difference maker on our road to the Olympics anyways?

Originally Posted by Eric Smith's blog
Denham Brown’s future - or at least summer - with the Canadian Men’s National Team may be over before it even began. And based on the way things look, he’ll have nobody to blame but himself.

Brown was a no-show at practice today as Leo Rautins and his Canadian crew opened the doors of the ACC for their first workout / tryout.

“If you saw him, let me know,” said Rautins. “I think it’s odd that in the days of cell phones and emails, I don’t know where he is.”

“This is not a good year not to be here.”

I followed up that statement by asking Rautins: How upset are you that he’s not here?

“I would say, it’s not a good year not to be here.”

I followed that by asking: Is your decision (RE: Denham) already made then?
“I think Denham made that decision. Not me.”

“We live in an era where I don’t think it’s that hard to communicate. It’s probably easier than ever to communicate.”

“There was a meeting at … 1:30pm and he wasn’t here and a practice at 2:00pm and he wasn’t here.”

Rautins then pulled his cell phone out of his pocket - looked at it, and said in a joking/sarcastic way (obviously directed at Brown): “Last I checked … Okay … Still nobody … No calls …”

Rautins said he has 22 players in camp and he has to cut that number down by 10 before the Olympic Qualifier in Athens, Greece. International rules only allow teams to carry 12 players on their roster - not the 15 that folks are accustomed to in the NBA.

Rautins told me that if he looks at the 12 players that were on the Canadian team last year, there’s probably - realistically - only about 3 roster spots that MIGHT be up for grabs. If “newcomer” Rowan Barrett is back in the mix and taking one of those 3 spots … you’ve got to assume that there could really only be one or two slots truly available.

But it sounds like Denham Brown’s loss could turn out to be somebody else’s gain.
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Team Canada isn't going to make the Olympics playing guys who don't have the fire to even show up for practice. If he had a valid reason for not being there then he or someone he knows should have got in contact with Leo to let him know. I think he would have only been a role player anyway.
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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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Denham's only real claim to fame were A: The shot he missed against George Mason at a few years back in the elite 8 and B: he scored 110 points for West Hill Collegiate in a game like 6-7 years ago. I'm sure someone will be more than happy to take his place. It's like Magloire. No one is going to kiss thesee guy's asses to play for team Canada. On the other side of the spectrum, you have guys like Garbo who would kill to play for Spain.
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laughing at Marbury

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he is plain fucking ignorant if he cant call.

Its an absolute HONOUR to play for and represent your country in any fashion.

Thre are so many kids that would die to play on team canada against players like lebron, wade etc.

These people have no respect these days for honour.
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a dick

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Could this sort of thing be why he can't make an NBA squad?
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I know a relative of his and I get regular updates.

Frankly, he has always sounded like he is waiting for the world to give him what he thinks he deserves instead of earning it. Big baby.
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