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Cool Crunch Time


It is rare for people who work in the NBA to point overseas for answers to anything. But it's hard to find anyone in the NBA who doesn't enjoy the breakneck pace of a typical FIBA crunch time.

"They play the last two minutes," one expert jokes, "in about two-and-a-half minutes."

That's a bit of an exaggeration, but watch Panathinaikos and CSKA from this past November. The last two minutes of that game lasted just about six minutes. There are a ton of international games like that. Now imagine that same pace of play with NBA players all over the floor. That's top-shelf entertainment.

The beauty of stealing FIBA's system is that you know it works. A lot of rule changes have the potential to backfire once players and coaches start trying to exploit them.

How does FIBA make that happen?

No timeouts while the ball is in play.
This is the secret sauce right here. If the ball is in play, play. Even if you're falling out of bounds. Even if your team is down three and wants to draw up a play. Even if the coach needs to scream at somebody. Tough. Play. NBA editor Royce Webb had a great line once, about players calling timeout when they they get trapped by the defense and the action gets heated. Why would the league want a play to stop then?

"That play," he says, "was just starting to get good!"

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Kobe would thrive with that system... and a lot of other players would suffer.
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Originally Posted by Don Vito View Post
Kobe would thrive with that system... and a lot of other players would suffer.
Demar would suffer.
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