Childress on playing in Europe
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Childress on playing in Europe

"Here the stars run the show," Childress says. "Over there it's the coach, and the coach only. You really have to buy into the system. The style of play is slower, a lot closer to a college style. It's a lot less reliant on talent and more on tactics and execution. They definitely have a high opinion of how they play the game and view NBA basketball as street ball. You go over there, you're playing against everyone -- other players, fans, referees, everyone. You don't get calls because you're stronger, faster and more athletic, so they think you should be able to take it."

The chance of injury, or falling out of favor, is heightened by travel and training that is considerably more spartan as well.

"I played for one of the biggest clubs in Europe," Childress says. "But there were still six- and seven-hour bus rides, we didn't stay at the best hotels and we flew commercial nine out of 10 times. And not all coaches care about your body. It's more military style. There's no getting tired. I'll be interested to see how guys' bodies respond."

NBA -- Ric Bucher on perils of going to Europe - ESPN
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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
Good find Jeffy!!!

I did not know it was like that over seas

Looks like NBA players can learn a lot over there including Weems!
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This was more what I was trying to get at when i posted Lock out changing world basketball thread. In that If the Euros get this influx of American talent would they bend to their personalities or would the these clubs hold fast to their System/Coach focus. I think if they start pulling Durant and D-will caliber players and ego's they would in fact have to shift to the "street ball" mentality or a players rule system. The strategy changes, tactics become more complex with this type of talent. Ie. more minutes , more touches to higher caliber players.

One thing that most change in the Euro's is the way the game is called. It is very hard to go a minute with getting whistles. It's totally bad for the game, totally screws with the flow and IMO puts the game in the hands of the coaches. On side note I do like how everything that brings about a whistle is shown in slow-mo on the euro coverage.
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Nice find
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Here's hoping Lebron goes to Europe.
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Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
Here's hoping Lebron goes to Europe.
he already likes to travel... so why not
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Originally Posted by Windex View Post
he already likes to travel... so why not

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