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Dr. J. Naismith 01-15-2008 01:46 PM

Bucks Reject Knicks Trade Proposal
I believe you guys recall the rumour of Z-Bo going to Milwaukee, well its appears Larry Harris put the kibosh on that rumour. Here's that the Knicks proposed. :rolleyes:


Originally Posted by Ny Post
As far as I can determine, the word got out when Harris called his Trail Blazers counterpart, Kevin Pritchard, to check out Randolph, whom the Knicks acquired from Portland last June on draft night, and someone in their organization leaked it to a reporter for The Oregonian.

By that time, the Bucks had summarily rejected the Knicks' proposal: Randolph ($13.333 million /$14.666M/$16M/$17.333M) and Renaldo BalkmanRenaldo Balkman ($1.280M/$1.369M) for Charlie Villanueva ($2.715M/$3.448M), Bobby Simmons ($9.28M/$9.92M/$10.56M) and Dan Gadzuric ($5.751M/$6.25M/$6.749M/$7.248M); two part-time outside shooters (31 and 30 percent from 3-point range, respectively) seeing inconsistent minutes and an athletic third-string center.

"I would've taken that deal in a heartbeat," an impartial head coach said. "The Bucks are saturated with perimeter shooters who would really thrive if defend ers had to honor an in side game. Zach draws double teams, no two ways about it. "I under stand Zach has a past. I understand his personality, issues and liabilities must be managed. I understand his contract is a major league obligation. But if a good team wants to get someplace, someone must be able to get you to that position. If that someone averages 20 and 10 (actually 16.8 points and 10 rebounds in 31.8 minutes) and it's more than he's giving up at the other end, you pull the trigger."

Obviously, much, if not all of the above made the Bucks too squeamish.

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MangoKidHoops 01-15-2008 01:59 PM

That's a really good deal from a Bucks standpoint. However, at what price? At the development of Yi? The development of Bogut? Unless you put Yi at the 3. If I were the Bucks, I would have done that deal. Simmons is nothing really (not close to being worth $10 mil/year), Gadz still has that nasty contract and Charlie V is what we thought he'd be - inconsistent to a T. At least with Z-Bo, you know you're gonna get close to 20 and 10..and putting in Balkman too? That's a very good deal.

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