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EazyBalla 07-09-2008 01:01 PM

Brand's Agent Screwed Clips?

Mark Heisler:

Technically, Brand took a bigger offer from the 76ers, $82 million to the Clippers' $75 million. However, with Sterling giving his basketball people a blank check, the Clippers were going to dump enough players to get to $81 million.

That offer was never relayed to Brand. The Clippers say at the end, agent David Falk stopped returning their calls.

Whether the imperious Falk, who once represented Michael Jordan, did this for revenge or just because it felt good is a mystery. He did once vow to get the Clippers for not taking his client, Mike Bibby, with the No. 1 pick in the 1998 draft.

Instead, the Clippers took Michael Olowokandi so maybe Falk had a point.

Falk was reportedly actually going around saying, "Revenge on the Clippers." However, Falk said that about every team in the NBA so that probably wasn't it.
Source - Click Here

Bastard :violent-smiley-026: :evillaugh:

Gurk 07-09-2008 01:24 PM

what a guy
he is funny

Adequate Swag 07-09-2008 02:06 PM

That's pure, 100% speculation.

I'm thinking maybe, just maaaaaybe, Elton Brand was tired of playing for one of the most horseshit organizations in sports. Maaaaaybe he wanted a playoff shot. Maaaaybe he was tired of battling other elite 4's night in and night out.

Maaaaaaybe once Brand found out that Philly had cleared enough space to offer him 80 mil, he told his agent to break off talks with the Clippers.

Yeah they brought in Baron and Eric Gordon and all that, but it's still the LA Clippers. Are they really surprised by this? They wait like 10 years until their star player opts out to finally go out and get him some legitimate help, and then they're blown away by the fact that he doesn't want to spend another 5 years there?

Lets do a little Deal A, Deal B here:

Deal A: 81 million over 5 years. Perennial lottery team. Has only made the playoffs once WITH the all star caliber player in question. Plays in a conference where you need 50 wins to even make the playoffs. Known to be, in general, a cheap organization that is relatively unconcerned with winning an NBA championship.

Deal B: 82 million over 5 years. Relatively young, on the rise team. Basically a playoff lock even without the all star caliber player in question. Plays in a conference where a sub .500 record gets a playoff spot. Has had decent success developing young players, and seems to be making moves required to become a dominant force.

Which one are you choosing?

Brand's agent didn't screw the Clippers. The Clippers prolonged uselessness in basically every facet of building a basketball team screwed the Clippers.

LX 07-09-2008 02:57 PM

Having seen enough of Falk - I'd say it's reasonable speculation.

Major 07-09-2008 03:27 PM

:haha: What an idiot

Gurk 07-09-2008 06:28 PM

this is all made up stuff because LA times had no reasonable explaination for him going to the Sixers

EazyBalla 07-09-2008 09:06 PM

Yeah i'm kinda moving towards that this was a lie, but i still am not a huge fan of Brand and i hope the clips build up and sign a guy like Josh Smith or Emeka Okafor. They need to make an excuse for their greedy owner Donald Sterling.

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